Combine Your PDF Documents With PDF Bear’s Merging Tool

PDF Documents With PDF Bear’s

Merging PDF files means combining two or more PDF documents into one. Another name for this tool is also known as the PDF Combiner tool. Combining two or more documents will turn into a separate PDF document where you can access more than one PDF document in a single document.

With PDF Bear’s merge PDF tool, you can also manage the orders of the pages of your PDF document, depending on your preference. The difference with this and the compress PDF tool is that the merge or combine PDF tool only combines two or more PDF files into one, while the compress PDF tool reduces the file size of your PDF Document.

 After you finish merging your PDF documents, you can also try the compress tool to reduce its file size. PDF Bear will offer you these tools for free, but you will also have the option to avail yourself of the paid PDF Bear PRO membership.

PDF Bear’s PDF Merging Tool

To know how to merge PDF files free, head to the website of PDF Bear, and select the Merge PDF tool. When you redirect to the next page, a merging tool in a blue space and instructions below it will appear on your screen. The first thing you need to do there is to select two or more PDF documents for merging. 

PDF Bear will also give you the chance to make any changes to the new document before merging your PDF documents. If there is nothing else you want to change, you can click on Combine or Merge, then the PDF combiner or merge tool will start combining all of the documents that you have chosen. 

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Once the merge tool completes the conversion, you will be able to download or save your new merged document to your computer or device. You can also share or export the merged document to your clouds, such as Google Drive and Dropbox.

Why is PDF Bear’s Merging Tool Recommended?

When you use PDF Bear’s merging tool, you can finish your conversion right away without having to wait for an extended period. There is no need to worry about your imported PDF documents in their merging tool since their user’s privacy matters to them. 

Another thing is that it is an online-based PDF merger tool that can be easily accessible with any device or platform. You will be able to access their tools using your computer, mobile devices, and tablet anytime and anywhere. Their PDF merge tool is accessible to not just Windows and Mac, but also Linux OS.

Is The PRO Membership Worth It?

While PDF Bear’s merging or combining tools and other services are free, your access to more services will be limited. When you subscribe to the PRO membership, you will be allowed to do more than one task or as much as you want. With just the free version, you will only be able to access limited jobs and features.

With the PRO membership, you will be able to upload more than 10 MB or up to the maximum file size. After every conversion or using their tools, you will be allowed to rename your new PDF file or other documents before saving them to your computer or device.

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The PDF PRO Membership is available in either monthly or annual plan. If a user decides to subscribe, PDF Bear will offer a free trial to all new PRO members so that if you find yourself dissatisfied, you will be given a chance to cancel or withdraw your subscription. After the cancellation during the free trial period, your money will be refunded back to you.


Because of online PDF tools and services, all tasks are quickly done in just a few clicks. Back then, it was challenging to accomplish anything, like converting documents into another file format. People in this generation are lucky enough to be able to experience hassle-free conversions.


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