Colors That Go With Purple – Perfect Color Combinations

colors that go with purple

Trendy in decoration, the purple color for bedroom or living room paint is a luminous color that works wonders. Purple or its plum-colored shade likes to associates with neutral shades like white, black, and gray that it knows how to sublimate. Today we will talk about the colors that go with purple.

With a purple bedroom, you give the room an impression of space, making it possible to use it in a small bedroom. Powerful, purple in living room painting can enhance the spaces and decorative objects surrounding it.

The color purple comes in many shades and goes very quickly with other colors for the house’s decoration. Depending on the atmosphere you want to create on the walls, you will choose a purple paint shade more or less dark. So, let’s see the colors that go with purple.

Colors that go with purple

If purple is your favorite color, it is quite possible to use monochrome for your interior before combining it with other shades. So, don’t hesitate to paint your walls with lilac and enhance them with plum or purple doors.

If you want to combine purple with other colors, know that white and beige will soften your room and will particularly highlight plum tones and purple purples.

Adepts of gray know that silver-gray will give a shiny appearance to purple mauves. Satin gray will enhance purples.

If wood holds an essential place in your interior, purple predominantly red will go very well there.

Finally, bright colors are not left out and will give a lot of vitality to your interior. Instead, focus on complementary colors like greens and orange.

The decor of a purple bedroom likes gray.

Purple and gray bedroom decor with purple, lime paint on the walls enhance by the carpet’s pearl gray. Bedside tables and footboard in natural beech, black bedside lamp

It is to create a light and warm effect in this purple and gray bedroom. The colorwork through the rendering of materials. The bedroom walls paint with a decorative matt purple plaster, which contrasts with the painting’s satin aspect on the headboard and its frame. The two supports paint with the same purple value in the color chart. It is the matt/satin opposition that gives an impression of shaded colors. If you want to bring softness to the bedroom around this cool color, the floor cover with a pearl gray carpet. And wood is prominent with the beech bedside tables and footboard.

Lavender, a color of purple for the bedroom

The lavender color is a refined variant for purple bedroom paint. If you want to create a romantic atmosphere in the bedroom, the ecru cotton satin bed linen, chocolate rugs, and taupe cushions.

Give a soft tone of purple for a romantic atmosphere in a bedroom with lavender paint combined with warm colors and natural materials. Here, too, a matte and shiny appearance blend to create an atmosphere in the sophisticated and fresh bedroom. Against the lavender of the walls’ deep mat paint, oppose the silky and natural appearance of the ivory bed linen edged with bronze satin and the carpet’s brown.

A purple paint for a guest room

intimate atmosphere to receive friends with purple bedroom paint to paint the paneling and the door. On top of these friendly bedroom walls, pearl gray color is an excellent alternative to pure white.

The decoration of a guest room is more comfortable to think of it sober so that everyone feels right there. However, by focusing on purple and white, we don’t take any risks significantly if we limit ourselves to these two colors in the bedroom. Here, the door and the paneled base, which for the occasion serves as a headboard, are painted with a beautiful satin purple. However, the little hint of red in the paint tint makes it a softer purple and perfectly matches the wine bedspread. A subtle alternative to white, pearl gray paint covers the top of the walls. And leaves the immaculate white bed linen to bring a focal point to the bedroom’s sleeping area.

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The bedroom of plum and lime green loft

bedroom in the loft with bathroom partition purple paint, bed linen, and anise colored towels

In the violet range, plum is the color that most imposes its presence in a room’s decoration. In solid color in a bedroom, plum should be used with caution, especially if a toned color is opposed to it. Successful operation in the master suite of this loft where the plum paint colors the removable partition separates the space from the bathroom opens to the bedroom. However, while the walls and ceiling are painted white, the lime green color uses as a common thread between the two volumes of the bedroom.

Purple a chic color for the decor of the dining room

Make a decoration of a purple and black dining room to enhance an ecru-colored wall painting.

For the decoration of a resolutely refined dining room, purple’s power brings in small touches to illuminate the off-white paint of the walls and the decorative objects’ white. Seeming to descend from the sky, the purple pendant lights above the black ebony table only wait for the evening to envelop the room in a warm, cozy atmosphere.

A purple decor in the living room in a shade of fig and plum

For a chic decor in the living room, the color purple is in the spotlight with plum-colored paint associated with a fig shade, a purple sofa, and black cushions.

For the decoration of this purple living room, warmth and softness dominate thanks to a beautiful harmony of purple and plum, and where the seat of the sofa, in a colder and very bright purple, launches a generous invitation to conviviality. However, the color scheme of the sofa print and the decorative accessories’ bright colors enhance the light effect.

Purple and gray, a color combination for the decor of a living room

A small living room decoration reinforces the dominant gray’s softness on the walls. And the chaise longue with a touch of purple color used to paint the door. 

The power of purple in decoration is such that it suffices to introduce it just on an element with paint. An excellent example of this living room’s decoration was enough to paint a purple door to highlight the gray and white softness, which dominates the space. The decoration of a gray and white living room generously lends itself to an association with purple. However, it is to create a sober and luxurious atmosphere.

A colors that go with purple and red paint for a cozy living room

Combining purple paint with purple-red in the living room is not trivial! And when the color of the walls uses for the armchairs and the sofa, we tell ourselves that the meeting of these two colors creates a resolutely warm atmosphere in this living room. However, it is easy to imagine how convivial evenings by the fireplace must be.

Purple, a unique paint color in a large living room

Chose plum color painting for living room with blue sofa, blue and purple shade set of cushions

Purple, as we have seen, is powerful paint color, especially in a dark shade. Apply it in a solid color like here on the living room walls. The room must be large and bright. It is also advisable to bring a warm color to fill the space with a too dark atmosphere. However, here, the parquet uses to balance cold and warm colors.

Purple in kitchen color, yes, but in small doses!

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Plum-colored kitchen paint on a wall highlights the natural colors in the kitchen. As here with the green water paint, the white laminate counter, and the raw pine bar stools

However, in this kitchen, the plum-colored paint worked on a single section of the wall, highlighting the rest of the room’s natural colors. The taupe of the counter wall, the water green, and the white are invigorated by this contrasting color’s contribution.

For a kitchen decoration flashy atmosphere crimson red wall painting, wooden shelf painted in purple, matching cushion on table stool.

In this kitchen with fresh and bright colors, the purple brought in a discreet touch on the wall shelf and, as a reminder on the cushions, creates a beautiful color harmony with the mural’s crimson red.

However, purple is a mixture of blue and red. However, plum, mauve, lilac This color varies according to the blue and red quantities that compose it. In short, there is something for everyone!

The symbolism of the colors that go with purple

In the West, purple associate with nobility and jealousy. This color also represents the church’s authority; moreover, the color worn by bishops. Imbued with great spirituality, it is the color of mystery, the unconscious, and the secret. In psychology, purple invites relaxation, reflection and promotes our balance. Colors are combining love and wisdom. It likens to gentleness, tenderness, and romanticism.

But this color is also associated with darkness and, in this case, translates to sadness, melancholy and ambiguity. Purple was previously the color of the sheets placed on the coffin during funeral ceremonies. However, it is, even today, for the Chinese, a symbol of death.

In terms of decoration, purple reveals the creative sense of the inhabitants of the house.

How to use colors that go with purple in decoration?

The purple tends to expand a room. It also fits well in a living room, bedroom, kitchen, or bathroom but will not be used in the same way depending on the house’s rooms and color.

Thus, while It can easily use the lighter purples on large surfaces, the darker ones will be used in small touches, on a single wall, for curtains or cushions, for example.

It will create an intimate and cozy atmosphere in a living room, especially if you opt for the plum color.

In a bedroom, it will be apparent if you are looking for freshness and a calming atmosphere. You will choose it darker if you want to give this piece a certain sensuality.

The kitchen is synonymous with activity. Purple finds less its place. However, it will have its effect if used by small touches. Associated with an off-white, it will inspire a feeling of sharpness.

Before-after: a stay transformed into pink and purple

FAQ of color that go with purple

1. How can I darken the lilac color?

To darken it, we add the other blue we have, darker ultramarine and then alizarin crimson, to continue the transition to violet, which is the one that follows on the color wheel.

2. How to make purple with acrylic?

Steps to make purple with acrylic paint 

Mix the primary colors red and blue to get a purple hue. Add a bit of another color, depending on whether you want a lighter or darker shade, such as white, pink, magenta, navy, or black, until you get the shade you want.

3. How can I darken the blue color?

Add one drop of black paint to the blue paint and mix. Write what color you added and the result. Keep adding paint to the foundation one drop at a time. However, try adding other colors, such as green, red, and purple, to darken the color.

4. How to achieve magenta color?

Also, the primary colors in this system are red, green, and blue; to get magenta, you have to superimpose blue light and red light. Optionally, we can start with white light, which contains all the other colors. And filter the green, after which only the combination of red and blue will remain: magenta.

Conclusion of colors that go with purple

So, that is today’s article about the Colors that go with purple. However, colors are essential elements to decorate our home. And purple is a prevalent color for everyone. So, it is necessary to know which colors go with purple. That helps you to create a suitable impression of your place. However, if you have a good idea about shades, you can play with them and make creations. Hopefully, this article will help you to do so.


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