Best Alternative Android Keyboard: Top 8 Keyboards


Finding an alternative android keyboard that meets a list of well-defined criteria, maybe sometimes be more complicated than it seems. While most third-party keyboards incorporate common basic features, the difference is in bonus features that are designed to enhance your writing experience. To assist you in your choice, we have tested many alternative keyboards and have selected eight adapted to diversified uses. Also, you may visit the buyer’s trend as well to learn more about top quality keyboards for Android and iPhone as well.

Top 8 Alternative android Keyboards:



Gboard stands out as the reference of the mobile keyboard. Direct access to Google search makes it a functional tool. No need to go through your browser to share links or practical information with your contacts. Built into the keyboard toolbar, Google Translate instantly translates selected text into one of 103 languages ​​supported by the service. Another nice option is the ability to resize Gboard to use only one hand, whether you’re right-handed or left-handed.


Inventive, Fleksy puts control keys in the closet for advanced tactile gestures. The spaces, returns and deletions are a simple swipe, fluidizing the writing of messages. In addition to a text entry mode, Fleksy provides you with Imojis (custom emojis) and animated gifs that you search by keywords. Finally, from the dashboard of the application, you can change the theme of your keyboard, decorate extensions, download language packs or manage dictionary entries.

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Hacker’s Keyboard

Designed primarily for programmers and writers, Hacker’s Keyboard offers a keyboard identical to your PC, Ctrl keys, Alt and Tab included. The organization of the keyboard is based on the orientation of your device to ensure maximum editorial ergonomics, and its streamlined interface promotes the concentration of users. In addition, for the sake of efficiency, Hacker’s Keyboard includes support for all Windows keyboard shortcuts in terms of editing.


Minuum stands out for its ability to learn from your writing habits. The more you use it, the more relevant the suggestions you will see. The second originality of Minuum lies in its 2-in-1 formula: in addition to the traditional keyboard, you enjoy an improved T9 headband. Support for gesture shortcuts simplifies the input process since it is possible to insert a space, delete a word, add a punctuation mark or change the combination of letters by sliding your finger on the keyboard.

Simple Keyboard

No gifs or emojis in Simple Keyboard. This minimalist open source keyboard even claims the absence of a prediction engine. A choice justified by the respect of the private life of the users since Simple Keyboard never accesses your seizures. This is a real strength, not a loss of profit. Despite its apparent austerity, the keyboard offers some functional customization options such as adding a line of numbers above the alphabetic keys. We appreciate the directional arrows that facilitate navigation in the text.

MyScript Stylus

Ideal for pen mobile owners, MyScript Stylus intelligently replaces your text keyboard with a handwriting input area. Just draw your message by a show of hands for the application to analyze and assimilate as a text. Performing on both Android and iOS, MyScript Stylus is able to capture whole words and recognize the most unreadable characters. No need, therefore, to apply to the formation of letters.

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The rebels in the AZERTY keyboard will see in Dextr a saving solution. Organizing letters in alphabetical order, this alternative android keyboard adapts to your way of typing. The keys are relatively large, and you can adjust the application to your writing habits, whether you’re right-handed or left-handed, and you write with your thumbs or index fingers. In landscape view, Dextr splits its keyboard in two for ease. Finally, Dextr has a private mode, preventing the application from saving the entered words and making personalized predictions.Alternative Android Keyboard


With a full service, SwiftKey is certainly one of the most successful and Best Productive keyboards on Android and iOS. Ultra-simple to set up and take in hand, SwiftKey adjusts the layout and size of its keyboard to your writing habits. With built-in swipe and voice input support, this keyboard features powerful prediction and multilingual correction power. Pushing the concept of intelligence to the end, SwiftKey offers a cloud service dedicated to synchronizing your editorial style on all your devices from your different Gmail, Facebook or Twitter accounts.