The Broker Advantage: 10 Benefits of Using an Insurance Broker

using an insurance broker

Are you exhausted from searching for the best insurance coverage in the market? We all know that life is full of uncertainties. Today, you, your family, or your business might be safe, but you don’t know what might happen tomorrow.

But hey, cheer up! Insurance schemes exist so that you, your or business can be covered against all sorts of risks. Insurance plans come in different forms: ranging from life insurance to property and third parties.

The greatest problem with getting insurance, however, is finding the best deal in the market, and, thus, using an insurance broker is the way out. Finding a good insurance plan at a fair price is not easy. You may find yourself hopping from one insurance company to another.

So, how can you find the best insurance plan in the market? The answer to this question is simple. Find an insurance broker. This guide gives you ten good reasons as to why you should find a good insurance broker.

Insurance Brokers? Who are They?

Insurance brokers are agents who market or sell insurance products to consumers on behalf of the company. Let’s say you want to purchase an insurance plan from company x. The insurance company can either sell the product directly to you, or they could still do that using an insurance broker.

The insurance broker acts as an intermediary between the company and the buyer.

Should you use an insurance broker?

Yes; however, before I detail you the benefits of insurance brokers; let me first explain to you the different types of insurance brokers in the market. Two types of insurance brokers exist in the market. These are captive and non-captive insurance brokers. Captive insurance brokers are limited to one insurance company, whereas non-captive insurance brokers are independent of the insurance company hence can sell multiple brands.

What’s the Difference Between the Two?

Each type of insurance broker has its benefits. Captive insurance brokers are close to the company; hence, they might give you exclusive benefits from the insurance company. Non-captive insurance brokers, on the other hand, have the benefit of offering you the best product in the market since they deal with multiple insurance companies.

Who should I pick?

I would suggest that you should pick the type of insurance broker you are comfortable with. In most cases, these benefits overlap; thus, they both have nearly similar advantages as shall be discussed below.

Ten Benefits of Using an Insurance Broker

Now let’s dive in and look at the actual benefits of using an insurance broker. Here are ten benefits of using an insurance broker.

1.    A Wide Range of Selection

Insurance brokers can access a wide range of insurance companies that you may not be aware of. The brokers can shop for the best insurance product in the market and save you the hustle. They can also offer you the opportunity to choose from the best insurance products in the market.

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An example of an insurance broker that can shop for you is Morison Insurance Brokers Inc. They can help you shop for the best insurance products from leading insurance firms.

However, one thing to note about Insurance brokers is that they work according to the information that is offered to them. The companies do not just act out of the mere perception that every client needs affordable services.

Therefore, you should state categorically the types of insurance product that you are looking for so that the insurance broker can search for that particular product in the market.

2.    Expert Opinion

Insurance brokers are not just any business venture. They are licensed officials who are capable of offering professional services to you as their client. Thus, you should trust the advice that insurance brokers offer to you.

Besides, insurance brokers serve at your best interest since you are the client. Without you, they wouldn’t have any business in the first place. Therefore, most insurance brokers act on your best interest to make you that you find the best insurance deal in the market. This alone should make you have faith in them.

Aside from offering you the best advice concerning insurance deal, insurance brokers have the mandate to offer recommendations to you as their client. They may not necessarily tell you which insurance product you should purchase, but they should offer you a suggestion on the range of products that you should definitely consider.

3.    Flexibility

Unlike many businesses that limit the type of interaction, insurance brokers allow you to communicate with them through the medium that is convenient for you. With insurance brokers, you can converse with them face-to-face, or you can use other methods such as email and texting. This way, you are allowed to express yourself in a way that is convenient for you.

The method of communication is very important when purchasing insurance plans. The insurance broker may need time to explain to you the existing products in the market, so it is extremely important that you use a communication medium that you can discuss your options conveniently throughout the entire transaction.

4.    Honesty

Most insurance brokers are honest with their clients concerning their transactions. These companies work based on the principles of good faith. Thus, they make sure that they serve your best interest.

Insurance brokers are also independent of the Insurance companies (as in the case of non-captive insurance brokers).  You can trust the insurance brokers to handle the dirty work of finding the best insurance product at the lowest price possible.

5.    Confidence

Purchasing from an insurance broker implies that you have the confidence to buy the insurance product of your choice. Insurance brokers have the industry knowledge on where, how, and at what cost to find an insurance product. The knowledge should give you the confidence to purchase the insurance product of your choice without any worries of being overly priced.

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Besides, insurance brokers are completely trustworthy due to the value that you have on them. This will ensure that you do not fall in the trap of con artists.

6.    Advocacy

Brokers don’t only help you get the best insurance product in the market. They also help you make a claim. These companies are there to ensure that you get an immediate and fair compensation in case you make a claim.

Insurance brokers also act as your advocate in case of any disputes. Cases exist where insurance brokers have represented their clients during a dispute concerning the settlement of a claim.

What’s more, Insurance brokers are known to have contacts that they can use in the advocacy to settle any compensation dispute. Thus, Insurance brokers are there not only when you need insurance coverage but also throughout the entire period of consuming the product you purchased.

7.    Knowledge

Insurance brokers are knowledge banks concerning all aspects of insurance. They know the prices of the various insurance products and the discounts that are currently being offered in the market. You can make use of this knowledge if you indeed want to get the best insurance coverage in the market at the lowest cost.

Insurance brokers are also knowledgeable on risk assessment and in determining the possible ways in which can protect your property from damage. They offer professional education on insurance plans and protection mechanism that you should leverage in your quest to find the insurance product of your choice.

8.    Transparency

Most insurance brokers are transparent concerning the actual prices of insurance commodities and the best price in which you can purchase an insurance product.

These companies are also transparent about how much money they make while offering you their services; thus, you can take a glimpse of the business unfolding before you. Most insurance brokers actually encourage you to ask about the remuneration.

9.    Affordability

The biggest that comes to your mind when you hear the “broker” is the amount of money that they charge per service. That is indeed a genuine concern as brokers often get a share from the transactions that they conduct.

Nonetheless, this should not worry you. Insurance brokers are not as expensive as you might think. You do not have to pay them directly for the services that they offer you.

Instead, Insurance brokers earn a commission from the insurance company based on the product being sold. Each insurance company offers them a commission; hence, they can choose from the variety of products on offer without any biases.

10. Responsibility

Insurance brokers are part of your safety team in the event that a catastrophe occurs. They will be among the first responders to the calamity to ensure that you have all the support that you need.

Moreover, Insurance brokers are also part of the community response team. They help the community respond to disasters and other emergencies. Therefore, investing in insurance brokers is simply investing in your community.

Should You Hire an Insurance Broker?

Using an insurance broker is a personal decision and a matter of taste. This guide has given you multiple benefits of insurance brokers that you should consider next time when you are thinking of hiring one.  Contact us for more details concerning the benefits of insurance brokers.

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