5 Amazing Kratom Benefits You Must Know

kratom benefits

Kratom? If you’ve never come across the Southeast Asian plant before, you’re not alone. However, you might be missing out. It’s been used in natural remedies for hundreds of years, and can help you in a number of ways.

So, what kratom benefits are there? It’s worth finding out some more about the plant before delving in, and we’re here to help. Have a look at our favorite health benefits of kratom below!

Kratom Benefits Your Mental Health

We’ll get on to physical pain later on, because the benefits of kratom to your mental health cannot be overstated. If you live with depression or anxiety, you may find that it helps you greatly.

Although there hasn’t been a huge amount of research yet, a study from 2017 suggested that kratom does indeed reduce anxiety in some human users. This may be due to the mitragynine in the plant, as it interacts with opioid receptors in your brain.

It Also Boosts Immunity

Another one of the benefits of kratom is that it can help to strengthen your immune system. Kratom contains the alkaloids isorhynchophylline and isoptreropodine, which are both proven to boost immunity.

The plant is a natural source of antioxidants, which work to stop oxidative stress by removing waste from your cells and helping your body to function as best it can.

It Offers Pain Relief

The alkaloids present in kratom, including mitragynine, also help to relieve pain. In the same way it helps with mental illness, the alkaloid reacts with your brain’s opioid receptors, which in turn increases the levels of endorphins and enkephalins, blocking pain.

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Kratom can actually block pain signals from being sent to your brain for up to five hours! Just two or three grams of kratom powder can help with alleviating the pain of chronic conditions such as osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis.

Kratom Helps To Regulate Diabetes

This is one of the kratom health benefits which won’t apply to everyone, but for those with diabetes, the plant can be a great help. It’s still not entirely clear how this works, but, essentially, kratom can help your body in the regulation of glucose and insulin.

This is another benefit of the alkaloids present in kratom. It can even help stop diabetes from developing in addition to helping current sufferers to manage the condition. Moreover, mental health conditions can affect blood glucose levels, so, by helping with depression and anxiety, kratom manages to indirectly affect diabetes too.

It Also Boosts Your Energy

Kratom is a stimulant. It’s thought that the plant, which you can order in capsules and powder from The Kratom Connection, might have certain metabolic effects, as well as increasing circulation of oxygenated blood to parts of the body that require it.

It can be used as a natural remedy for chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS) and can even be used as a sexual stimulant. Yes, kratom leaves are often seen as an aphrodisiac and can boost fertility and libido due to the energy increase they give.

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These are just five of the main kratom benefits. There are numerous other kratom uses and benefits which might impact you, so it’s definitely worth considering the plant.

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