6 Best Agile Courses to Take Your Career to the Next Level

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In today’s world of tech, agile methodology has become the latest hot topic. Suddenly, everywhere you look, employers are seeking candidates with strong agile training and skills.

Agile certifications are now seen as must-have qualifications for careers in software development and project management. Whether you’re new to these professions or have worked in the industry for years, you won’t get far without acquiring an agile-focused education.

Wondering which agile courses are most effective for helping you to take your career to the next level?

If so, then you’re in the right place.

Read on to learn about the agile courses you need to take next!

6 Must-Have Agile Courses to Boost Your Career

There are many different areas under the Agile umbrella that can help you professionally. Here are some of the hottest certifications that employers are seeking right now.

1. Agile Scrum Master Training

Scrum is leading the way in the Agile revolution. Agile Scrum Master Training is one of the most highly-sought certifications and can easily help you bank a six-digit salary.

Currently, this course is limited to trainer-led sessions, including those offered online.

2. Certified Scrum Master Course

The Certified Scrum Master Course is one of the most popular picks by professionals hoping to gain a solid beginner’s understanding of Scrum values. For anyone who is just getting started in Agile methodology, this course is a must.

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3. SAFe For Teams

Through Agile Release Trains, participants gain knowledge of execution and release value. During this course, you will learn and develop Lean-Agile skills for teams.

This training is for those at the senior professional level and is essential for leaders in the workplace.


The PMI-ACP course is perhaps the most fully comprehensive Agile course there is. It combines Agile training, Agile project experience, and requires that participants pass a multi-level Agile exam prior to obtaining certification.

In the professional realm of Agile project management, this certification carries substantial weight. However, you will need to rack up hours in the field before signing up for this diverse training course.

5. SAFe 4 Software Engineering Course

This course offers a foundation of the principles and practices that form the Agile Software Engineering discipline. Once you have completed the training, you will be prepared to take the SAFe 4 Agile Software Engineer exam.

For those who are interested in developing as an Agile engineer, this course will set you on the pathway to success.

6. PRINCE 2 Agile

The PRINCE2 Agile course is a newly developed training that is centered around the top skills of the PRINCE2 framework.

Currently, this course is in the pilot stage. But, expect it to hit the global market soon and continue gaining clout throughout the professional community quickly.

Find Out About the Benefits of Agile

The reason for Agile’s rising popularity points directly to its many benefits. Want to find out the many ways that Agile is benefitting the project management industry? Agile courses are one way to learn.

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Check out this post to learn about the multiple advantages that Agile has to offer!

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