5 Reasons to do the Sandakphu Trek

sandakphu trek

Best peaks of the world in one view

Some of the greatest and highest peaks are visible from this trek which will not fail to mesmerize you with their grandeur and beauty. Peaks like Lhotse and Makalu which are the fourth and fifth-highest peaks of the world respectively are visible from this trek, their swooning beauty will stay in your mind for the rest of your life.

But between them you will also get to see the boss of all peaks Mt Everest, it will give you the opportunity to get the best view. The third highest peak, Kanchenjunga also stands among them and adds to the charm of the scenery.

The cluster of the Kanchenjunga peaks together is called The Sleeping Buddha where you will see an illusion of a head, stomach and legs as if someone was sleeping.

The transboundary border

The trek winds around the borders of Nepal and India will give you a completely different sense of traveling when your one foot would be on Nepal and one in India and still everything will appear the same! The trek moves in and out of Nepal, so you won’t even be aware of when you are on international land and when your own. You may even get a chance to traverse in the land of Bhutan as it falls on the trekking route.

Best season to of the trek- Spring!

This trek can be done annually but travelers from home and abroad prefer to do it in the season of spring because the real beauty of any place lies in Spring when nature is at its apex and the flowers are in full bloom. A great attraction would be rhododendron forests which are on fire with their beauty and colors almost blinding you with their charm.

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Other than Rhododendrons you will find flora like magnolias, spruce and orchids, there are more than 600 types of orchids in the area which are best experienced in the season of Spring. While on a trek you must have a hiking wrist watch so that you can know the exact time during the trek.

Animals will make it even more hard to leave

With all the hustle and bustle of city life, the rare animals you do get to see are stray dogs and cats, and a hint of birds. But the Sandakphu trek provides you with the experience to see many different species of flora and fauna all untouched by humans, and one of the great specialties is the red panda and you may come across it only if luck is on your side. You will also come across Pangolins which have some of the most amazing scales but it is seldom that you get to see them out in the open.

Singalila National Park

It’s a reserved forest area located at the Singalila ridge in West Bengal in Darjeeling district, the park is at an altitude of 7,900 ft to 12,000 ft and the park covers an area 78.6 sq km. the park was originally a wildlife sanctuary but in 1992 was made into a national park, the park for a long time has been a part of many trekking routes such as that of Sandakphu and Phalut. The park has two ranges, there is a gravel road which allows jeeps to give a tour of the place.

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The plantation that this park is famous for is the oaks, ferns, silver fir, bamboo and flowering plants like rhododendrons, wide range of orchids, magnolias and many more. In the spring season, you will see that rhododendrons bloom on several colors giving a vibrant look to the park.

The animals and birds found here are very exotic, the famous Red Panda is one such animal, and only if you are lucky, you come across this animal. You may also see barking deer, cats, Pangolins, wild boars etcetera.

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