5 Most Valuable Mario Kart Characters

mario kart characters

Are you a fan of Super Mario and want to invest your time in different games of the same franchise? Then you should go with the Mario Kart game. This game is based on a racing concept, and it requires a character to participate in the game. So many characters are available in the game, but the most valuable Mario Kart characters are Wario, Waluigi, Yoshi, Bowser, and Donkey Kong. All five of them are invincible in their way. For example, Waluigi is unbeatable on the air track and shows his best stats during the race. It means he is unbeatable in the air track and helps participants to win the first prize.

Through our words, we will introduce you to the five best and most potent in-game characters from the Mario Kart universe who are still reigning in the game. We will also talk about the stats, ability, weakness, and other necessary factors. This will help you to figure out their contribution to the game.

Most Valuable Mario Kart Characters That Help You Shine in the Race

If you want to shine in the race, then use the below-mentioned characters in the race. They will help you to get the highest reward.


Did you notice that Yoshi is a dinosaur by origin, even when he looks more like a turtle? Yoshi is one of the main Mario Kart characters, which is fun to play for various reasons. For example, you can customize this little dinosaur’s look. There are many options available, and you can choose whichever you like. 

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However, there are other reasons, too, which we cannot neglect. Such as he is one of the most stable characters among others. He can do major things with good controls, a good speed boost, and an excellent path-tracking ability. Also, he can take you out of the mud, especially when you get caught in it accidentally. With his help, you can come back on the track field with minimum effort.


Wario is one of those characters from Mario kart deluxe eight who can do almost everything to let you win the race. And there is no doubt why he is a part of the valuable character. Wario has high stats among the main characters and is the all-time champion among them. So, if you are planning to select him, then you need not worry because he will let you win the race.

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Moreover, he has a good performance record which helps to keep you in the race even when you have no chance to win. Also, he can drive any type of vehicle, especially heavy or oversized ones that require high physical stats. His physical stats help to move the vehicle with lightning speed.

mario kart characters
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However, Wario has limited durability, which can be used in limited periods of time or in time intervals. The continuous use of durability can ruin his performance in the game. So, start practicing with him or read full details about his stats. That will help you to see his ultimate strength.


Mario and his game series are incomplete without Bowser. As a primary headache of the game series, he constantly interrupts Mario’s plan. And he never wanted him to become successful in any situation. So, Bowser decided to win the race and show his worth through his great acceleration. He can even increase his speed in regular intervals, which makes him quite invincible among them.

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But do you know why Bowser is one of the most valuable Mario Kart characters? He has a unique ability that allows him to move faster than anyone on the land surface. And it does not matter how much weight he has. He will still finish the race as the fastest racer. However, Bowser is weak against air and water, that is because of the low level of stability in his stats. So, you can get the disadvantage of having him for the air and water race. But he would be the best option for land-based races.

Donkey Kong

Donkey Kong is one of the irreplaceable characters who like to hold the race till the end. And there is no doubt why he is not replaceable; he has everything he needs to be. For example, he has a unique presence among players, which makes him one of the most loved in the Mario Kart series. However, handling a strong character like him is a pretty challenging task for a newbie.

Due to his heavy weight and enhanced strength, his vehicle can slow down a bit. But still, he can finish the race in a good place. For that, he requires to boost his speed and reduce his strength to get a top-rank place.

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mario kart characters
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Moreover, Donkey Kong is a character who can get an advantage from the type of wheels used in the vehicles. The options in wheels are available for him, which helps to give him a special boost at the time of the race. For example, he can ride a vehicle at a constant speed, and it does not cause any trouble in winning a race.


From its first appearance to its current appearance, Waluigi has changed in many ways, and most of them are noticeable. For example, Waluigi was added to the characters who had middleweight, but now, he is a part of the heavyweight characters. His stats and abilities also improved quite a lot which can help him to win the race.

Moreover, Waluigi is generally designed for racing on air tracks. And his stats and abilities for the air track are higher than the other characters. This makes him invincible and one of the most valuable Mario Kart characters.

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However, if you are planning to use him in water and land track, then don’t do this. He is an average character on both tracks. That is because of his vehicle’s limited speed boost and low acceleration rate. But he can increase his stats through a specific type of vehicle. You need to find one for him which suits him well.


A game is incomplete without its motive or purpose behind the development of the story and character. For example, Mario Kart is incomplete without the racing concept and the winning stats. The winning stats help to develop Mario Kart characters from beginner level to advanced level. Also, you can use those stats on specific vehicles. These vehicles help to provide a bonus strength to a particular character at the time of the race. So, it’s a win-win situation for characters and vehicles. 

However, it is not possible if you don’t have characters like Wario, Yoshi, Waluigi, Bowser, and Donkey Kong. These characters are the most valuable characters in the game. Also, they can fulfill your dream of winning the race against tough competitors. 

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