10 Games Like Fallout That You Should Check

games like fallout that you should check

Fallout is a game that almost every player has tried at least once. And they were amazed at how awesome this game is. From storyline to characters, everything is good, especially the in-game missions, which you cannot escape.

Now, you are itching to play some awesome plus unbelievable games like Fallout to make your day a happy day. If you are the one who is searching for the best recommendation, then you must check the below-mentioned games. All these games have many resemblances to the Fallout series, which is enough to give the same vibe as they have. So, grasp the desk and sit on the chair and check all these games one by one to feel the Fallout-like experience. 

Games Like Fallout Never Get Aged With Time 

Borderlands 3

If you are in love with the Fallout series, then you will surely like Borderlands 3. The game is mainly categorized as RPG, which is the same categorization as Fallout. So you will feel the same vibe, especially after getting first-person shooting experience. 

The story is set on a parallel planet, “Pandora,” an unknown treasure-hunting place where different kinds of treasure sources, “vaults,” are located. The treasures are surrounded by high-tech evil security barriers which are not easy to break. Now, the fighter has to take a step forward and break the barriers. Also, stop a pair of evil twins who are plotting the planet’s destruction schemes.

borderlands 3
Image Credit: Borderlands

Borderlands 3 has many factors that can give you the same vibe as Fallout, such as fighting style, a broad range of unforgettable missions, and upgrading systems through acquiring treasures. These kinds of major similarities with minor dissimilarities maintain the unique factor between both games. And make it one of the best games like Fallout to try at least once in a lifetime. 

Wasteland 2

In 1988, Wasteland was launched and became one of the most popular games in the history of PC games. After that, it took 26 years to launch the second version of Wasteland (Wasteland 2). Deep Silver and inXile Entertainment are the combined force behind the production of the game.

Wasteland 2 is a perfect gift for those players who like RPG games more than other forms of games. The second version is an advanced version of the previous one. The game sets the story in a parallel historical time-space where meteor and nuclear war damaged the Earth’s surface. Now, it’s in a blink of an eye to cease the existence of the planet.

If you are into Fallout, then you will like Wasteland 2 because the games have the same playstyle, even though the concept is different. The reason behind the similarity is the creator who made the original version (Retro Style Titles) of Fallout. The creator followed the same feature in the Wasteland too.

wasteland 2
Image Credit: PC Gamer

The video and audio quality is refined in Wasteland 2 compared to the previous version. Also, the graphics of Wasteland 2 are more detailed and polished than Wasteland. Moreover, it gives more customization features for better gameplay. 

Dying Light 2

A game that has no same categorization as Fallout but still has many things which are similar. Fallout is a traditional RPG game, but Dying Light 2 is not. It still has similar points, such as a conflict between human and non-human creatures, the civilization of a powerful evil organization, and a landscape to explore after the catastrophe event. Moreover, it follows a totalitarian concept, great graphical optimization, and an RPG-like playing style even though it’s not originally an RPG. These kinds of major points make it one of the recommended games like Fallout to play at home.

ten games like fallout
Image Credit: Muse.World

However, there are some dissimilarities between those two games, such as different fighting styles with advanced features and a more aggressive background than Fallout, especially when you are in a battle zone. So, these kinds of dissimilarities are enough to never change your precious time into wasted material. Also, keep the excitement high when you experience an unexpected plot twist.

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Red Dead Redemption 2

Red Dead Redemption 2 has the same location vibe as Fallout which lets you have the experience of the open world. Through this, you will explore the deserted lands and have missions to finish before the next outbreak. 

The game is full of adventure and missions to complete before other competitors. Also, it has an amazing plot twist that keeps your fingers stuck to the keyboard. This is not the limit to picking off your excitement; you will also get a chance to shoot opponents with low to high-tech weapons.

red dead redemption
Image Credit: IGN

Fallout has many things similar to Red Dead Redemption 2, which you cannot neglect, even when you find many fantastic and new things. Such as, the game inside looks different and slow at first, but it picks up speed when the story goes forward. This kind of thing you miss in Fallout because it balances the in-game atmosphere from start to end.

Horizon Zero Dawn

If you have PlayStation 4 and want to try games like Fallout, then Horizon Zero Dawn must be included on your bucket list. It is because the game is available only for PlayStation 4, the gaming experience will not be that high quality like today’s games. But it’s worth a try, especially if you are a fan of Fallout.

Horizon Zero Dawn is designed to go against non-existent creatures like dinosaurs who changed the spirit into nuclear phantoms. The game fighting format is quite unique, and you can only use a bow and arrow to survive in this deserted place. Apart from that, it also gives options to change the location to fight.

The game is set in a place where you need to search for Aloy’s origin of secrecy. And the location is already on the verge of losing the robotic wildlife and needs strategic gameplay to kill each opponent in the meantime. Every time you kill an opponent, you receive rewards to enhance Aloy’s equipment to kill higher-level opponents with ease.

horizon zero down
Image Credit: Steam

Moreover, it is the best alternative for Fallout lovers who want to get the experience of a vast panorama with beautiful graphic quality. Also, it has an amazing storyline to solve the mystery behind the disaster that happened in the respective place. The only problem with the game is it catches fire first at a slow speed, but with time, it goes up with tremendous speed. So, it kind of feels boring at the beginning, but it catches the attention when it progresses gradually.

The Outer Worlds

The Outer Worlds will give you the same vibe as Fallout because it is produced by Obsidian Entertainment, a production house that produced the main game sections of “Fallout: New Vegas.” So, you will get the experience of some unbelievably similar storyline, especially after finishing the Fallout series.

If you compare both games, you will find that they have the same concept even though the characters’ dialogue structure has the same tone. But Fallout, as an original concept, does not let The Outer Worlds mix in concept and character customization.

The story of the game revolves around the 1901 incident where mega-corporations started to dominate Earth. Now, you have to create a way to handle the main spaceship to take down all the members of the galactic group.

5 games like fallout that should check at once
Image Credit: happyconsole

The Outer Worlds is counted as one of the games like Fallout. All thanks to its butter-like gaming experience and many exploration sites with amazing landscapes.

Divinity Original Sin 2

Divinity Original Sin 2 is categorized as a CRPG, and most of the players don’t expect much from this game. However, the game is quite relatable to Fallout and follows a different concept from other CRPGs. All thanks to its maker Larian who did not follow his basic retro style touch in Divinity Original Sin 2. That makes it come to the market with a new concept and unique designs.

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divinity original sin 2
Image Credit: Steam

The game has everything as it needs to be. Unforgettable fighters, brainstorming plots, and emerging graphics make the battle excitement one step above. Apart from that, it has an elemental fighting style concept to make all in-game content more enjoyable than you expect. This kind of fantastic in-game experience gives it one up in the list of games like Fallout.

Disco Elysium

Another game that has many similar points to consider as good options for games like Fallout. For example, long-form conversations between characters, plots full of mystical adventures, and fighters’ progress through strategic gameplay. These kinds of similarities with Fallout make it worth trying at least once. 

disco elysium
Image Credit: PlayStation

Disco Elysium is a CRPG that focuses more on creative gameplay, conversation through thought process more than words, and alluring graphical high-end framing than low-base framing. All these factors make Disco Elysium unique as compared to Fallout which has the same concept in its other versions.

Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic

A game from one of the top-class game developers, “Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic,” is available in almost all kinds of platforms. It is produced by Obsidian Entertainment, which tried to follow the same concept at some point. For example, fighter selection option, reviving a character during battle, and a vast landscape to search for rare mystery rewards. So, you will see many similarities between both games, including plot and fighter development throughout the gameplay.

most popular games like fallout
Image Credit: Steam

Even though Star War: Knights of the Old Republic does not follow the same “civilization” concept as Fallout follow. But still, it has many similar things to consider as one of the best options for games like Fallout.


As the name depicts, Frostpunk is a story of a man who survived in a place where almost everything has changed into a cold place. Human existence is almost at the end and has limited options to survive, which kind of gives you the same chill as Fallout. Not only that, but it also gives you time to play strategically, especially in a realistic game like this.

The game is full of decision-making situation based, and you have to decide what to do in the worst situation, which looks kind of challenging. Compared to Fallout, this game has more strategic gameplay. But it also follows the same concept of becoming the only hope to save the world, even though you don’t have much to protect other individuals from catastrophe.

Image Credit: Steam

The concept of building equipment to survive in a chilly place is similar to Fallout, which builds equipment to survive in a deserted place. Also, it gives us an exciting plot twist similar to Fallout with unexpected consequences. So, there is no doubt that Frostpunk has many things which give the same vibes as games like Fallout.


Fallout is a game that has an old classical vibe when it was launched during the 90s and becomes popular with time. It never lost its grasp in the crowd of today’s advanced and high-tech games. However, there are games like Fallout that give the same vibe, for example, Horizon Zero Dawn, Disco Elysium, The Outer Worlds, and so on. The list is too long, and we tried to narrow down the list by keeping some similar and dissimilar facts. Such as all these games have something similar to the Fallout series and have their unique presence as well. So, we hope that you will like these games if you already love Fallout.

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