10 check List you can use today to self-diagnose anxiety and how to organically prevent or get rid of anxiety with Diamond CBD

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Anxiety is a common condition which most people suffer from, in their daily lives. It refers to the emotions which makes one feel anxious and stressful. Anxiety is a part of daily life. It can be anxiety related to the exams, the anxiety of new job interview, and anxiety of the first day at college, anxiety before marriage or any other stressors in life. When anxiety becomes more serious and prevents the person from maintaining a normal lifestyle, it turns out to be a serious medical condition and alternatives such as CBD oil should be looked at. 

Anxiety Disorder

An anxiety disorder can be categorically divided into 3 major categories.  These include:

1. Social Anxiety: This anxiety occurs when you are apprehensive and scared about facing various social situations.

2. Panic disorders: In this kind of anxiety disorder, panic attacks come upon a person suddenly by some stress triggers with physical symptoms like sweat, chest pain and sometimes, it leads to heart attacks.

3. General anxiety disorder – In this kind of anxiety disorder, the person may constantly feel worried about daily life.

Types of anxiety disorders

When your anxiety interferes with daily life and is accompanied by serious physical symptoms. It is named as a medical condition known as an anxiety disorder. There are mainly 5 types of anxiety disorders which one may develop. These includes:

  • Generalized Anxiety Disorder (GAD) – The people who suffer from GAS are tensed about multiple things on most days. It affects young adults and is more common in women than in men. Anxiety can be related to multiple events in life.
  • Phobias- People who have phobia have irrational and extreme fears about a particular thing. The fear can be so great that it can lead to embarrassment and inability to perform daily routine tasks. Some kinds of phobia can be social phobia (fear of public place embarrassment), agoraphobia (fear of open spaces, or closed places) aquaphobia (fear from water), etc. 
  • Post-traumatic Stress Disorder- People who suffer from this kind of anxiety suffer from extreme anxiety after a stressful event and always feels unsafe and threatened. These stressful events are often wars, violent attacks, or a natural disaster. The symptoms of this anxiety disorder usually include anxiety at all times, flashbacks of stressful events, nightmares, and avoiding the situations which may bring back the memories of the stressful event.
  • Obsessive Compulsive Disorder – People who have OCD suffer from unwanted, repetitive feelings, ideas and sensations which causes anxiety, this condition compels a person to repeatedly carry out an action to get rid of the anxiety. For instance, a person may be afraid of germs and tries to relieve that anxiety by repeatedly washing his hands. Severe OCD is quite distressing and interferes will daily life.
  • Panic Disorder – In this kind of anxiety disorder, the person feels intensely anxious and it is accompanied by physical symptoms like sweating, pounding hear, fainting feeling, nausea, chest pain and sometimes a heart attack. These symptoms may peak rapidly and can be quite severe.
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Anxiety Disorder symptoms

The one who suffers from anxiety disorders experiences one or more of the following symptoms:

    Dry mouth

    Panic attacks


    Tense muscles

    The sweaty outbreak in stressful situations


Anxiety disorders can develop in a person at any age. Most anxiety disorders are treatable by conventional treatments. The conventional treatments include anti-depressant medications and medical therapies.

Conventional treatments for Anxiety Disorders

The conventional therapies for anxiety disorders are:


    EMDR – Eye Movement Desensitisation and reprocessing

    Exposure therapy

    Cognitive behavior therapy

    Dialectical behavior therapy

Management of anxiety

Along with anxiety disorder treatments, it is essential to maintain a healthy and stress-free life to prevent anxiety attacks. Some anxiety management measures you can take are:

• Consuming a healthy diet: It is essential to consume healthy food and less caffeine and junk food to stay physically healthy. Physical health plays a major role in one psychological state.

• Exercise regularly- Exercises like swimming, running, jogging, biking, dancing, etc. releases a chemical which reduces stress and anxiety. People who suffer from stress and anxiety should include daily exercises in their routine such as breathing exercises, cardio activities, yoga or anything to suffer less from stress.

• Getting complete sleep- Sleep is directly linked to anxiety. It is important to maintain a good sleeping pattern to remain healthy and manage stress and anxiety.

Checklist of Anxiety disorder

You may identify that you may be suffering from anxiety disorders.  If you can identify with the following checklist then you can be suffering from an anxiety disorder which needs treatment.    

These includes:

1.    Constantly feeling worried or tense

2.    Anxiety starts to interfere with daily life

3.    Plagued by the fears of negative things

4.    The sudden or unexpected pounding of heart and swat breakout.

5.    Feel danger and catastrophe are always around the counter

6.    Feelings of apprehension

7.    Feeling irritable all time

8.    Shortness of breath during panic situations

9.    Muscles become tensed

10.    Feel like your minds have gone blank at times

CBD for anxiety disorders

The Cannabis plant contains the active ingredients of TC and CBD. CBD stands for the cannabidiol which has been scientifically proved to get the person innumerable benefits. The CBD affects the person’s serotonin levels, which are neurotransmitters responsible for mood disorders. Hence, CBD is widely used for the treatment of anxiety and stress disorders.

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CBD is available in various forms to be it capsules, CBD oil or hemp oil or any CBD edibles can be purchased for relief from anxiety disorders. You can use the code DIAMOND50 to get flat 50% off on the entire range of CBD.

If one suffers from emotional problems like anxiety disorders, then CBD can bring benefits without adverse side effects of psychiatric medications. Recent research studies have shown that CBD has been quite effective in the treatment of anxiety-like social phobias which is a relatively common form of anxiety.

How can CBD help with anxiety disorders?

Many anxiety disorder patients use hemp oil or CBD oil to sleep better. This helps them to manage stress and anxiety better. The study by the Permanente Journal 2016, revealed in their study that cannabis is quite safe for anxiety treatment and insomnia associated with anxiety. It also is quite effective for Post-traumatic stress disorder treatments.

A study conducted in 2013 on mice also revealed the fact that CBD triggers hippocampal neurogenesis which is responsible for the brain of the brain which deals with memory and cognition. People suffering from anxiety and depression have this part of the brain, quite small, and CBD usage helps in treating it by directly impacting the functioning of the brain areas and the neurotransmitter receptors.

Is the usage of CBD oil effective for prevention and treatment of anxiety disorders?

10 check List you can use today to self-diagnose anxiety and how to organically prevent or get rid of anxiety with CBD

CBD has proved to be quite effective in the prevention and treatment of anxiety disorders. Unlike conventional treatments, it does not have adverse side effects. However, the best CBD cream for pain should be used with caution. One should start with a small dose and then, gradually increase the dosage.

One should be consistent with the dosage of CBD. It is essential for the body to get accustomed to CBD and then the dosage should increase. Some people may take two or more weeks to notice the positive effects of CBD. It is very important to find the right kind of CBD dosage and CBD form of consumption to get a sense of relief and alleviate anxiety symptoms.

CBD supplements in the form of CBD oil has used by millions of people around the globe without experiencing any severe or adverse medical complications. The experts have agreed that CBD oil for anxiety is potentially quite safe compared to traditional treatments.

If you want to buy CBD then you can use the code DIAMOND50 and get a 50% off on the entire range of CBD products.

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