4 Fun Things to Do on Your Phone

Things to Do on phone

Even in modern times, things get tedious. Sadly, most people don’t have exciting jobs and are stuck in the nine to five lifestyle. So, from getting ready for work, the time spent in transit, to performing your tasks once you’re there, free time becomes a super-valuable commodity. Add to this friends and family, and those few moments where you get to break away from reality and experience a little fun become a treasure. Here are some fun things to do on phone.

We need to feel pleasure and have fun things to do on phone, as we’re hardwired to crave them. When in these states, our brains release chemicals that produce positive emotions and euphoria, therefore, we feel elated and happy. These endorphins our body produces act in the same way as out-of-body stimulants do. They’re our feel-good drugs, and without them, life wouldn’t be worth living.

Thus, it’s very important to find time in our busy schedules and experience some enjoyment. This is not hedonism or a waste of time. It’s a necessity. As the saying goes – all work and no play make Jack a dull boy.

Play Online Roulette

Have you ever seen a Bond film, with James standing over the roulette wheel, martini in hand, and thought to yourself – that looks like fun? Well, if you’re too lazy to walk to a real-life casino, today, you can just visit a virtual Things to Do on phone. Online casinos are all the rage and are slowly taking over the industry, with an unmatched game selection and ease of use.

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Of course, roulette is on offer. And not just any type of roulette, but every variation you’ve heard of, that you can play digitally or on a live table. You don’t have to break the bank and play for large sums; you can set aside a small budget and bet it throughout the month. This way, you get jolts of excitement now and again. If you’re not familiar with the rules of roulette how to play, these platforms have detailed instructions and provide demo rounds in the software option.

Talk to a Stranger

No, not to find love or start a romance. Although, if that’s what you want, there are plenty of dating apps for android and iOS users to be found online. No, sometimes it’s just nice to have a conversation with a random person, from a random part of the world. Learn about their culture, way of life, and their views on things. How and why they are different from yours and what has led to this.

It’s a good way to expand your mind and your knowledge about the world and human beings in general. And, who knows? Maybe you’ll make a new friend.

Make a Movie

While it was unfathomable for a person to make their film 30 years ago. Feature or short. As the equipment, and especially the film itself was very costly, today, you can do it all on your phone. 

Sure, you’ll probably need a few memory cards to save all the footage, but modern sensors are so sensitive nowadays, that there isn’t that big of a need for extra lighting. You can shoot an entire movie during the day, and it’s going to look great. Then you can just edit it with one of many available apps, and, boom, you’re done. Export it and play it on your TV or even project it on a screen.

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Play GeoGuessr

If you like puzzles and traveling then you better know about this game as it’s the best of both worlds. The concept is that you get to explore the planet while trying to figure out where you are, by studying architecture, foliage, landscapes, road signs, and the like.

This novel game places you at a random spot, and with the use of Google Street view, it’s your job to walk around, take in a few sights and try to produce an accurate guess. Once you have a good idea of where you might be, you place a pin on a zoomable map, and the game awards you points based on how close you got to the actual location.

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