The Top 8 Industries Supported By Epicor Software

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Are you a business in need of a way to streamline your documentation, processes, and data? Manually managing your company’s information, documents, and more in folders and many different types of software is time-consuming. You and your business are spending valuable time sifting through folders of work to find what you need.

There is an easier way. Epicor Software is an all-in-one solution designed to help businesses of all sizes manage everything from payroll and HR to customer relationship management.

Everything you need is in one convenient place that’s easy to access. But the best part of Epicor software is you can customize it to fit your business needs regardless of your industry and products and services.

Ready to learn how? Check out these top 8 industries supported by Epicor software.

What is Epicor Software?

Epicor Software is an enterprise resource planning or ERP software made of modules designed to unify a business’s system. Epicor offers robust software powerful enough to meet the needs of a major enterprise and streamlined software perfect for small and medium-sized businesses.

Epicor is like an all-in-one software solution. It includes many industry-specific software modules and options. Automotive, education, service, supply chain, and more industries can benefit from using a customizable ERP software one Epicor.

Other unique benefits include on-site software installation, cloud-based, and hybrid options. The user interface and design are simple to use and customizable to meet every business’s unique needs. Users can also access information from their tablet or smartphone when they’re on-the-go.

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Industries Using Epicor Software

How do you know if Epicor is the right software solution for your company? Many businesses across all industries use Epicor software to improve business management and boost their return on investment or ROI. Check out these 8 different industries already using Epicor software and how they’re growing.

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1. Retail Companies

Retail businesses of both large and small sizes need reliable point-of-sale (POS) and user-friendly business management software. Retail store owners are busy maintaining finances, scheduling workers, organizing merchandise, and managing HR.

Epicor software can help streamline your management processes and organize everything in one place. You’ll track sales and finances faster and manage your employees and payroll with ease. By tracking and managing these processes, you can make smarter business decisions and spend more time focusing on growing your business.

2. Manufacturing

Manufacturing businesses are constantly managing numerous products, people, and processes. Without proper business management software, your manufacturing business could be suffering from slow inefficient practices.

Epicor can streamline your business while also providing agile solutions to changing customer demands. You can document, monitor, and track business processes, materials, costs, and customers. From there you can identify what areas you can streamline and cut costs to boost production and improve ROI.

3. Lumber & Building

Epicor’s industry-specific software includes niche businesses in the lumber in building industries. Whether you’re a lumber and building retailer or manufacturer, Epicor has software solutions to help improve how you manage your business.

Like manufacturing businesses, you can monitor everything from raw materials to the number of workers you need. You can complete projects on time with the right number of employees. You’ll have better visibility into your business’s processes and can make changes to improve production, distribution, and customer needs.

4. Automotive

Epicor’s automotive software is a business management solution for anyone in the automotive industry including retailers, manufacturers, and service providers. You can document and monitor sales, customer demands, your employees, and more in one place. You can also manage material costs and inventory.

5. Service Industry

The service industry includes everything from food to financial and non-profit organizations. It’s a broad industry with many subsets that require unique needs from their business management software.

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Businesses and organizations in the service industry love the comprehensive and customizable software options available. Epicor offers options specific to each business’s needs no matter how niche their business is. All service industry businesses can enjoy streamlining processes, tracking projects, and managing customers, workers, and volunteers.

6. Healthcare

Businesses using Epicor in the healthcare industry enjoy the benefit of tracking their patients, health care supplies, accounting, human resources, and employee scheduling all in one place. Epicor software can grow with your hospital and keep up with changing technology and healthcare needs.

With ERP software like Epicor, hospitals can improve their financial and billing processes for the entire hospital or practice. You can also measure quality care versus the costs of care.

7. Technology

Does your tech business manufacture, retail, or repair electronics and other tech? If so, there’s an easy way to improve processes and save money. Many tech businesses are using Epicor software to track materials, revenue, schedules and more.

You can manage your business’s workflow, finances, and customer orders more efficiently. As your business grows and demands change, you can make smart business changes that will improve ROI and production.

8. Higher Education

Administration and research facilities in higher education use Epicor software. Both can manage and improve logistics and finances. Researchers can track and manage processes, materials, and costs.

Administrators can track department costs and material, student enrollment, tuition costs, and more. From there, administrators can track the cost of employees and materials to determine the cost of enrollment.

While higher education universities and colleges use Epicor software the most, it can also help secondary education high schools. Educators can track effective teaching methods, student success, and more.

Improve Your Business with Epicor

Businesses across all industries are using Epicor software to manage their businesses. Not only can they track their workflow, but businesses can also streamline their processes, cut costs, and grow their business. Make managing your company easier with an ERP software like Epicor.

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