The Best Data Recovery App for Mac

Data Recovery App

It happens even if you are very careful with all those important data. Sometimes, you just click without watching, and the most crucial files are gone. Sometimes, a system fails, but the result is the same: data loss. The problem becomes more severe if you use a Mac for your work. This is a specific OS for which usually only proprietary special solutions are used. Hence, finding a solution online, moreover, a free solution is complicated. That’s why we have done it for you, just in case you need it. Here, you can check the 10 best data recovery apps for Mac. This blog will tell you about the best data recovery app for Mac.

Retrieve Files without a Third-Party App

If you have discovered that so much needed files are not there where they should be, do not get desperate. There are many ways to recover deleted files on Mac even without any best data recovery app.

The first thing you should do is to try Mac data recovery from the Trash Bin. In most cases, files are sent there and stored there during some period before the system deletes them permanently. If this is the case, just open the Trash Bin and select the needed files. Use the Put Back option to get them back.

Even if you have deleted the files from the Trash Bin, they haven’t gone from the system. They are still there, waiting to be overwritten and hence, to go forever. And until they are there, you can use the Machine Backup function to recover them to their initial location.

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If even this option did not help, you can move to your last chance: the best data recovery app for Mac.

Disk Drill to Recover Data That Seem to Be Lost Forever

Disk Drill is no doubt the best data recovery software for Mac. It can recover more than 300 file formats even on the partition level, and you can retrieve 500MB of data for free. This tool offers more common advantages, such as a user-friendly interface, and similar. But now, our task is to check how to use it for Mac data recovery:

  • First of all, download the tool and install it. Here, it is advisable to use a bootable flash drive. Otherwise, the file can overwrite the lost files in the system and, hence, they will be lost forever.
  • Start the tool. After it prompts you to indicate the location from which the files were lost, do so. If you don’t remember their initial location, perform the recovery procedure on the entire device. It will take more time but it is better to avoid any risks.
  • When the tool displays the list of files that it has found, select those that you need.

Disk Drill to Recover Data That Seem to Be Lost Forever

  • Finally, indicate the location where you want your files to be recovered to, perform the recovery procedure. It is strongly not recommended to select the initial location of the files as their recovery location. The reason has been already described: the lost files that are still there, in the system, can be overwritten during the recovery procedure. Practically, instead of recovery, you will delete them.
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Recover Data

Video tutorial:

Now, when the procedure is over, check the recovered files. If you are not happy with the result, perform deep scanning.

From all the top free file recovery software options, Disk Drill is the most efficient and works with the biggest selection of file formats. If you are still unhappy with the results or if you need to have a tool with extended functionality, you can check Disk Drill paid version. However, a free option is more than enough for basic recovery needs.


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