Lucky Patcher V8.5.7 Download for Android (Latest 2019)

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Are you one of those ardent video gamers who would choose games over social meetings any day? Then Lucky Patcher would not be a new name to you. In case you are a newbie in this field, let me tell you that it is an application that will help you enjoy the game on your Android device without the interruption of ads and in-app purchases. How often have you been frustrated at the frequent obstruction while playing games on your smartphone? Now you can easily play games or use an app if you download lucky patcher.

Developers bring forth a new set of games and apps for their target clients ever day. No wonder the demand for Android phone games has increased considerably over the past few years. The increased number of games has also increased the rate of in-app purchases. The developers want to make money through these games and apps that they develop. So they have started the system of in-app purchases which tend to lock some of the essential features of specific games and apps.

Take Spotify, for example. The free version lets you listen to some of the songs which are often interrupted by ads. You can opt for the paid version and enjoy the ad-free music app. The tool makes this task way easier for all of us. All you have to do is install the application and run it on your device. Then you are all set to use the apps or play the games without any interruption. You don’t have to spend tons of money on services that you can enjoy for free.

The Basics of Lucky Patcher

In my opinion, lucky patcher is a wonderful app for gamers and app lovers. This revolutionizes the way you have been playing games so far and helps you enjoy to the fullest. You can also change the way certain applications work on your smartphone. Remember the example I shared about Spotify? It’s pretty much the same thing.

Some of the tasks that this tool lets you do are:

  • Block advertisements
  • Modify system apps
  • Get rid of system apps
  • Bypass the verification of licence
  • Change the app permissions

This is just a glimpse of what this tool can help you with. You can perform a whole lot once you install this tool. It is available in two main versions, namely: Lucky Patcher version 1 and version 2.

Many people say that installing and using this tool is no less than getting a headache because you have to root your device. What if I tell you that rooting is not important to use this tool? Yes, you can execute some of the tasks without having to root this application. However, in my opinion, you must root the device to make the best use of this tool.

Most of the users tend to use this tool not for playing games easily but for modding different apps or games. Surprisingly, this tool is amazing when it comes to modding of any game or changing its permissions. Take a look at some of the most popular games that you modify with the help of this tool:

  • Rail rush
  • Subway Surfers
  • Highway rider
  • Temple run
  • Hill climb racing

The tool has the capability of keeping track of the credit system of Google Play. Therefore, it lets you execute in-app purchases with ease and without spending thousands of dollars uselessly.

What else is up the sleeves of this tool?

Well, changing the way apps works is probably one of the tasks performed by this tool. Apart from this one, it also lets you remove ads from the games and apps that you have installed on your device. If you have an Android version of 2.3.3 or above, the tool is most likely to work better with those devices.

Most importantly, it takes extremely less memory to get stored and consists of a size of 6.5 MB. You can also find the tool in different languages. So even if you are from a foreign country, you know it won’t be a problem for you to use this tool. One thing you must know is that Google identifies this tool as a malicious program, but it is not so. You can install it like tons of other people are doing already. Okay then, let’s have a look at some of the most exciting features of this tool.

Some of the most impressive features of this tool

As I mentioned before, this tool lets you enjoy your favourite video games and apps without any sort of interruption. The developers must make sure the app is updated regularly to give you the best services. The most crucial features of this app are as follows:

1. Removal of ads

Don’t you get frustrated when the ads frequently disturb you when you are in the middle of an interesting game? What if you are listening to an important podcast and the ads suddenly interrupt and worsen the whole emotion? You can stop worrying about such things since this tool is right here for your assistance. Download lucky patcher on your device, and you will be all set to use your favourite games or apps ad-free. The removal of ads will also enhance your gaming experience to a huge extent.

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Removal of ads

2. Access to unlimited resources

Doesn’t it bug you when you get to see a slew of resources that are available only if you pay some money while you are playing some games on your Android device? Well, now you can actually have access to all those resources without having to pay any extra bucks. From unlimited coins, resources to keys, everything will be easily accessible to the players only due to this tool. In fact, you can also change the rules of your favorite game using this tool.

3. Paid games can become free ones easily

Who doesn’t love free stuff, especially when it comes to playing games? At times, you may be able to download premium apps without paying anything, but you may not be able to launch the apps due to the license verification problems. This is when you need to download lucky patcher. This tool brings forth a lot of custom patches which lets you bypass the certifications of any game. Therefore, you end up playing almost games or apps for free using this tool.

4. Conversion of any random app to system app

I have always wanted to keep some of the apps that I tend to use frequently, permanently on my phone. If you have ever thought anything like this, then this tool will be like a savior to you. You can use it to convert any application to system apps and keep them permanently on your device. How does it work? Well, this tool copies the app to the main system folder of your device and then it is converted into a pre-installed app in no time.

5. Accessible of apps from the memory card

Many times you may have wished if transferring of data or files was easier from your device to the memory card. This tool is right here to make your wish come true. This feature will come in handy for you if your internal memory of the device is already full, and you want to get rid of some of the memory without losing the data. Try shifting the heavyweight applications from your device to the smart card with the help of this tool. Then you will have enough space in your device.

6. Back-up made 10X easier

You can stop worrying about backing up files anymore because this fantastic tool is here. You can use this tool and backup any number of apps and games that you want. Save the backup in the external file in the location of your choice. Then you can import the data to the cloud or your desktop according to your preferences. Then you will be free to retrieve the data whenever you want from the saved locations.

These are the main features that you will get to enjoy by downloading this tool. You can even visit the official site of this tool and know more about the perks. Do you want to make the most of lucky patcher version 2? Don’t worry; just visit their official website and download the version you are looking for.

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What are the minimum requirements to get hold of this tool?

Your device has to meet certain system requirements in order to install the tool on your device. The apk file will not function completely if your device fails to meet the system requirements. Therefore, have a look at all the requirements and make sure your device meets all of them to get through the installation procedure easily.

  • Remember it is a modding tool. Thus, it will need the Android device has to be rooted before you install the tool.
  • Do you have an Android version of 2.3.3 or above? In that case, you are eligible to use the tool in your device. Also, you can use this tool on Windows 7, 8 and 10.
  • The app requires approximately 10 GB of free storage on your device.
  • The RAM required by this app is almost 2 GB.

You must install the app only if your device meets all the system requirements successfully. Try to ditch the idea of installing the app even if one requirement goes missing. If your device fails to meet all the system requirements, then you may encounter the ‘lucky patcher blocked’ issue. Apart from the requirements mentioned above, this app also needs the following additional permissions from your Android device.

  • It must be able to modify system settings and draw over other apps
  • The app should be able to approximate location on your device
  • You have to let this change or delete the contents available on your SD card
  • It should also be granted permission to read the contents present on your SD card.

In my opinion, you must download this app only if you are fine with all these permissions. Why don’t you visit their official page and take a look at the entire requirements? You may also have a word with their support team in case you have any queries in your mind. You can also type ‘lucky patcher Reddit’ on Google and take a look at what users have to say regarding this app on Reddit. It will help you know even more about this app.

What are the steps required to download and install the apk file of the lucky patcher?

You must proceed further with the downloading process of lucky patcher in iOS or Android only if your device has met all the system requirements. Also, you must plan to download this app if you are tired of frequent interruptions by ads and in-app purchases. This fantastic app will bypass license certifications and help you enjoy the most of your favourite games and apps without any hassle. Most importantly, you can even use the premium versions of these games for free. Now without much ado, let’s see how to install the apk file of lucky patcher.

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Step 1

First things first, download the apk file. You can visit the official website and download the file as well. However, this article has made your work easier since you can download the file right here without opening a new window. It’s okay if you are unable to download the file with the help of the link given above. Download the file through the above mentioned links.

Step 2

At times, your device may not let the app download even if the latter meets all the system requirements. In that case, you have to enable Unknown Sources from the settings option on your device. Therefore, perform this step only if you are fine with changing the settings of your phone. Visit the main interface of the ‘settings’ option and click on ‘Lock screen and security.’ You will get to see the option ‘Unknown Sources.’ Just click on it and enable the installation. It is only after this process that you will be able to install the app easily.

lock screen and security

Step 3

Install the apk file of this tool and open it after its downloaded. Don’t worry if you don’t know what the location of your downloaded apk file is. Just go to the file manager option and check out the list of downloads. You can also simply type ‘Lucky patcher apk’ on the search bar in your file manager for instant location.

Step 4

Open the file once you are able to locate it in the file manager of your device. Click on the option that says ‘Install’ and wait for the installation to begin. The installation will begin in no time after you have hit the ‘Install’ button and click on ‘Yes’ when prompted for additional permission. Once it is installed, open the app and grant all the permissions that it asks of your device.

Lucky Patcher Installer

Step 5

You will soon get another message whether to or not to enable the security. Just enable the option ‘Allow from this source.’ Now go back to the main interface to make the best use of this app.

Allow from this source

Step 6

Do you want to install the official version of this app? In that case, all you have to do is click on the option ‘Install’ and wait for a jiffy. The official or rather than the main version of your app will be available to you on your device as you can see in the image below.

Install Lucky Patcher

Step 7

Very soon you will see another message that says ‘Blocked by Play Protect’ You can stop worrying about this error since this app lets you make in-app purchases without having to pay any charges. This app basically lets you do all the things that are otherwise not allowed by Google.

Blocked by Play Protect

Step 8

Click on the arrow that is pointed downwards, as shown in the image. Click on the option ‘Install anyway’ after ignoring the error message.

Lucky Patcher Install Anyway

Step 9

Finally, wait for the installer to complete the installation. The app will be installed on your device within a few seconds.

Lucky Patcher Installation Finished

Download Lucky Patcher v8.5.7 Download Lucky Patcher v8.5.6 Download Lucky Patcher v8.5.5
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Why won’t lucky patcher install? Here’s what you need to do

Many people have come across this error message while trying to install the app. Have you too experienced the same? Stop worrying and get a look at what you actually need to curb this problem. The steps given below will help you get over this issue easily.

  • Go to the main interface of the Google Play Store. You will find three horizontal lines present at the top left corner. Just click on that and scroll down. You will find an option that says ‘Play Protect’ Click on it.

Play Protect

  • You will find another option that says ‘Scan device for security threats.’ You have to disable this option to help the app download easily on your device.

scan device from security threats

  • You will get to see a warning, as shown in the image below. Ignore the message and hit on ‘Ok.’

click ok

Now all you have to do is try to install the app again. Hopefully, if your device has met all the system requirements and you have performed all the steps properly, then there’s no reason for not installing the app. Good luck with the whole procedure.

How to make the most of this app on your device?

The best thing about this app is that it lets you make in-app purchases for free. It bypasses the licence certifications and makes it easier for us to use the paid versions of different games and apps without paying any extra charges. How cool can that be! Take a look at the steps below, and you will be all set to make the most of this app. Let’s begin.

Step 1

By this time, let me guess that you have downloaded the app in your rooted device. So open the main interface of the app and click on the ‘Toolbox’ option. You will find it at the bottom of the screen.

After you have clicked on that option, tap on ‘patch on Android.’

lucky patcher main interface

Step 2

Choose all the lucky patcher custom patches and wait for a minute for your device to restart.

lucky patcher custom patches

Step 3

Close the app and keep it intact in the background. Now you have to go to the app or game that you want to MOD.

keep the process in background

Step 4

Visit the shopping menu of the game or app. Click on the in-app product that you have always wished to own. Once you click on the product, the Lucky Patcher window will come up on your screen. You will get a message as shown in the image below.

Just click on the option ‘yes.’ Then you are free to make any kind of purchase you want from your device. Don’t worry if you get confused all the steps in the beginning. Take your time and perform each step with the utmost precision. The more you tend to hurry, the more mistakes you are most likely to make.

What if the rooted version of Lucky Patcher is not available?

Technically, it is not possible to download the un-rooted version of this app. So either you get to download the app on your rooted device or you don’t get to download it at all. You must understand this tool is an advanced tool and it required the device to be rooted for your maximum use. Therefore, root the device first if you want to make the best use of this app.

Wrapping Up,

People are frustrated with the frequent ads that they get to see while listening to songs or playing any games. Also, it is not possible for everyone to make the in-app purchases and make the most of the premium versions of those apps and games. In that case, Lucky Patcher is one of the best tools that you will ever come across. It will help you use all the apps and games on your Android device free from interruptions.

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