8 Local Search Engine Optimization Tips for Bing

Search Engine Optimization Tips

The business landscape in Singapore has changed rapidly over the last two decades. Most businesses have now shifted online even when they have physical locations.  If you have a brick and mortar store, you have to invest heavily in search engine optimization (SEO) to build an online presence. However, your focus should not be on the main organic listings but rather on local search. In this blog, you will know 8 Local Search Engine Optimization Tips for Bing.

For most business owners, Google is the first thing that comes to mind when optimizing for local search. However, you should not ignore Bing which is the second largest search engine. Bing accounts for 5.53% of the total search market and also powers Yahoo Search as well. This means there are millions of search queries going through Bing, which you can’t ignore.

The best SEO agency will not only focus on Google but will also implement strategies to leverage Bing for your local SEO campaign. This post examines the best Bing local SEO tips for your campaign and how an SEO expert Singapore can help in your SEO campaign. 8 Local Search Engine Optimization Tips for Bing-

Get started on Bing Places for Businesses

If you have ever used Google My Business, you will find Bing Places easy to use. This is an essential hub if you want to optimize your local SEO for Bing.  The idea is to ensure you provide all relevant details for your local business and use keywords that guarantee a higher ranking on the local Bing search.

Bing rewards active local businesses and those that feature their location details. Any social signals from third parties such as your social media platforms will boost your ranking on Bing local search.

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On Bing Places, you need to do the following:

  1. Claim your business listing: This will validate the information and establish your business is active.
  2. Add a listing: If you can’t find your business listing, you can add it following the provided guidelines on Bing Places. Working with an SEO agency Singapore for this process will save you a lot of time.
  3. Verification: Once you have claimed your listing or listed it anew, you will need to verify your account to ensure no one else can make any changes.
  4. Site indexing: After verification, your business will go live on Bing Places. Anyone who searches local businesses using your target keywords will find you here.

Optimize Your Business Contact Information

For a higher ranking on Bing local search, you need to correct and standardize your business contact information. Confirm your business Name, Address, and Phone number (these are known as the “N.A.P.”), and your website URL.

Harness The Power Of Visuals (Add Images To Your Listing)

They say a picture is worth a thousand words, and this applies aptly to Bing local SEO. A quick look at all high ranking businesses on Bing local search shows they all have images on their listings. A picture leaves a lasting impression on the searcher.

People searching for local businesses want to see a visual related to your business. This not only creates a sense of familiarity but also builds trust in your company. You can choose an image of your business premises, your business logo, your street, or any other relevant image. Always go for an image that is closely related to your business.

Optimize Your Local Business Website

For your local optimization efforts on Bing to work, you must build and maintain a well-optimized local business website. If you have a well-optimized business site, you have a better chance of ranking better on Bing search engine result pages (SERPs) for target keywords.

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An SEO Singapore service can boost your local SEO efforts through local keyword search, content creation, link building, etc.

Connect to Social Media

The larger percentage of internet users in Singapore is now on social media. The fact that the Bing algorithm incorporates social signals when ranking content makes it important to boost your social media presence.  For the best results in your social media campaigns, consider working with reliable SEO services in Singapore.

When you have a significant social media presence, it becomes easier for you to rank highly on Bing local search. Businesses with no social media activity lose a great opportunity to grow their local presence through Bing.

Leverage Categories

When creating your local SEO strategy, you need to consider the category under which your business falls. Bing users will type such categories when looking up local companies in their neighborhoods. Including these categories makes your business more discoverable on Bing search.

Optimize Site Speed

One of the major causes of high bounce rates for local business sites is poor loading speed. The best SEO consultant Singapore will help optimize your site speeds, thus improving the user experience and reducing bounce rates. Bing Webmaster Tools will give you an overview of your site’s performance and highlight areas that need improvement.

Develop Citations

Citations from trustworthy sites can boost your ranking. You should work on developing citations from sources like Yahoo! Local, Superpages.com,YP.com, and Manta. You can also consider Vertical directories like Dentists.com, and FindLaw.com for citations.

Final Thoughts

Bing might not be the first thing that comes to mind when thinking of local SEO in Singapore. However, you should remember millions of people still use this search engine. With these simple local SEO tips, your business website can now rankrank high on Bing local search. It is a smart strategy to expand your local reach and stay ahead of the competition.

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