How to Open an Outlook 365 Calendar and Its Benefits 

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Running a business successfully requires different tools that will ensure everything around the business is taken care of. A good example of this is the Office 365 calendar tool that helps businesses schedule meetings and communicate with everyone within the organization. This makes work easier and guarantees everyone is informed of what is happening, hence improving productivity. To make use of this, there are various steps to follow to open a calendar Office 365. Read along to find out more. 

How to Open an Outlook 365 Calendar Starts with Opening Your Outlook Website

The first step in opening an Outlook 365 calendar is to open your Outlook website. Then, go to the selection side and open a new calendar. If you have an existing calendar, you can go ahead and skip this step. 

Select the Calendar You Would Like to Create

The second step in how to open an Outlook 365 calendar is to select the type of calendar to create and enter its name. If you are creating a team calendar, for example, enter the name of the calendar and move to the next step. 

Customize Your Calendar with Colors 

This is an optional process; you can easily customize your Office 365 calendars with colors to make them organized and simple for navigation. There are various colors you can select. Hence, select one that is comfortable for you and your team members. 

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Add Team Members and Add Events

After customizing your calendar in Office 365, you can go ahead and add your team members. Enter their email addresses, and they should be able to access the calendar once they receive the notification sent to them. You can proceed to add events when you are ready.

Add Your Calendar to an Existing One and Save 

If you have an existing Outlook 365 calendar, you can always add this calendar to it. This makes it easier for your team members to access it and also makes it easier for you to manage it. After confirming all the details, you can go ahead and save your calendar.

The Benefits of Using an Outlook 365 Calendar 

There are numerous benefits of using an Outlook Office com calendar. We are going to look at a couple below. 

  •       A great tool for increasing communication – Communication is important in all businesses, right from the top managers down to the lowest employees. With an Outlook 365 calendar, team members can be informed about events and tasks so that they are always up to date with all the happenings within the business. 
  •       Boosts productivity – With everyone knowing their tasks in time, they can quickly perform their tasks, hence increasing productivity within the business. An increase in productivity goes hand in hand with profits. At the end of it, everyone benefits. 


An Outlook 365 calendar is no longer a luxury but a necessity in every business today. It also helps boost productivity and speed within the business. Don’t just wait; try out this tool and get ready for growth. If you are interested, review the above article for all the information you need to know.

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