How to get rid of flies at home naturally

How to get rid of flies

Many people are anxious about how to get rid of the flies and the way to drive away flies from the house. With the onset of summer, the infestation of flies in the house increases. No one really wants flies inside the house. They are so annoying and dirty that no one can tolerate this fly infestation.

Because we all know the fly habitat is in the dustbin. They are in the middle of the dirt. They are highly unhygienic and spread many germs through them. Once inside the house, they usually sit on food and leave their larva in it. Flies carry generally the germs of cholera, typhoid fever, diarrhea, tuberculosis, salmonella, and many other diseases. Whenever they sit on something, the germs of the disease spread there. They mainly prefer dirty, damp places.


On rainy days, their infestation inside the house increases. As soon as they get a hint of something dirty inside or around the house, they move in groups to spread the disease. Those who have small children in the house are in great danger after this time. Kids play on the floor in their minds, wanting to put whatever they get in front of them. In the meanwhile, if there is an infestation of flies in the house, keeping the children away from the disease becomes a matter of concern. So we all should know how to get rid of flies.

My mother can’t stand the flies in her house all at once. After seeing the flies, he sat down with an electric bat in his hand. Then we only hear the sound of killing flies in the house. Flies begin to breed in the summer. They choose dirty places to lay their eggs. They can lay about 75 to 150 eggs at a time. And these eggs take only 24 hours to hatch. Imagine for a second you were transposed into the karmic driven world of Earl. A study has found that there are at least one lakh species of flies in the world. So think about how many species of flies we have seen.

Anyway, today I will tell you how to get rid of flies in a homely way. I hope you don’t have to endure the pain of flies if you follow some methods.

How to get rid of flies

Keeping your home clean will reduce fly infestation by more than half. So before getting rid of the fly infestation, you need to know how to stop the arrival of flies in the house. And you can understand how to get rid of flies outside too.

Keep the house clean.

Flies are usually attracted to dirty things. Rotten stale food in the kitchen, garbage bins, cut fruits, pets, garbage is thrown around the house, etc. are very favorite things of flies. They will come to your home as soon as they smell them. So to prevent them from entering your house, you must first keep your house and its surroundings clean. Immediately throw it in the dustbin. It’s better if you do not keep it for a long time. It is better to cut and cook the vegetables just before cooking.

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Keep your pet clean

Flies can be a nuisance to any pet in the house, such as dogs, cats, rabbits, or any other animal. The pet waste attracts a lot of flies. Flies can usually lay their eggs on this waste material. These eggs hatch into new flies but only take 24 hours. A fly can lay up to 150 eggs at a time.

Then you understand the situation, the next day; you will see how many flies together. If you throw this waste around your house, flies start coming in groups. So always keep your pet clean. Take care not to leave food leftovers and scraps in the open. 

Keep the dustbin clean.

Try your best to keep the dustbin inside your house clean. Flies like dirty things very much, so this is the most important. The cleaner you are, the fewer flies you will have in your home. A lot of dirt accumulates after daily activities. 

Keep the house drain clean.

Another essential thing is to keep your house drain clean. Bathroom and kitchen sink pipes and their drainage systems should always be kept clean. These places are the center of attraction of flies. Upon entering the house, the flies first occupy the kitchen and bathroom. So if these two places are kept clean, it is possible to avoid the infestation of flies. Sink pipes need to be cleaned with a cleaner at least once a week so that the fly larva can be killed.

Close their entrances

If the flies are not stopped in any way, but you will go to the health risk later. Keep windows closed most of the day. Because flies come more during the day, they are not seen at night. Close the entrance to the kitchen from the outside as much as possible. Flies are more common in kitchens and garbage cans. If the doors and windows are not opened during the day, the dust will come less.

Make a fly trap

You can make many types of fly traps at home if you want. Many functional fly traps can be easily made with some things in the house. These fly traps are straightforward but work very well. And you don’t have to spend extra money on it. Here are some fly trap methods you can try to make.

  1. Vinegar and Dish Soap Fly Trap: Take a round, slightly flattened bowl. Add one inch of apple cider vinegar and one tablespoon of sugar. Then mix a few drops of Fruit St. Dish Soap in it and cover it with free or wrapping paper. When it is covered, make a few holes in it so that the flies can be caught in the trap.
  1. Plastic Bottle Trap: A two-liter bottle needs to be cleaned and cut one third from the top. Then place the top of the bottle upside down on top of the bottom, much like any shape. Then fill the bottom of the bottle with some sugar water. Since flies are attracted to sweet things, they can get inside the bottle but not get out. Leave it in the house where there are more flies.
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Make flypaper

Flypaper is much more useful to keep flies away from the house. If you put it in the window, you will no longer be deprived of daylight and air. You will find many types of flypapers in the market. You can buy it and keep it in your house. Again, if you make it at home, it will work very well.

Electric bat

It’s my mom’s favorite thing. My mother is very good at killing flies with an electric bat. It is portable and very quickly kills flies by turning the hand in the air, much like playing bat-Minton. 

Hot pepper plant

Plant hot pepper plants around the house or in the tub on the veranda of the house. Flies do not like to fly around these trees. Even if you leave a few hot peppers around the food, the flies no longer want to sit next to that food.

The smell of this hot pepper creates irritation in the flies so that they cannot stay in that place for long. So the nearby desirable pepper trees prevent the flies from entering the house. You can make pepper spray if you want. You can mix pepper powder and water in a clean plastic bottle and make it at home.

Basil Plant fly repellent.

Basil is commonly used in cooking. Its use is more common in Italian cuisine. However, they are much more effective in keeping flies away from the house. Fruit flies and other flies cannot fly around for long. You can plant this basil tree in a tub in your garden or in someplace inside the house. The smell of it will not allow flies to enter the house. You can also spread a few basil leaves next to the food or dustbin. This will keep the flies as far away from your home as possible.

Ginger spray

This is an entirely natural and very effective way. The smell of ginger is usually robust, which flies can not tolerate at all. Works a lot like the pepper plant and the basil plant.

With ginger, you can make a perfect spray to repel flies.  If you see flies entering the house, spray without delay. The flies will flee in an instant.


What is the best remedy to get rid of flies?

There are some most potent effective remedies you can use in your house. You can make these very easily at home. The vinegar and dish soap remedy is very well-known and influential. You can also try a soda bottle remedy. These remedies help you to get rid of flies.

What smell do flies hate the most?

Flies can not tolerate basil leaves, hot pepper, ginger, essential oil, and cinnamon smell. They hate this smell. If you plant these in your garden and balcony, the flies cannot enter your house. Even spraying the essential oil around your house create a beautiful aroma. Which is a very hateful thing for flies? You can see how to get rid of flies.

Where do flies lay their eggs in a house?

Most of the flies lay their eggs in the trash, garbage, pets poo, grass clippings, or feces. They can lay 75 to 150 eggs in a day. And the eggs are hatch very quickly after being laid by the female fly.

Is there any natural spray to get rid of flies?

So, There are many kinds of natural spray that removes flies. But, You can use a ginger spray to kill those pesky flies. Ginger has a strong odor that flies can’t tolerate a long time. Another one is hot pepper spray. Both are very effective; you can try .

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