How to Gamble With Dice: The Ultimate Guide

how to gamble with dice

Ever walked into a casino and not sure what to play first? If you ever face this struggle, you should consider playing dice.

Playing dice is a time-honored game, spanning centuries or even millennia. If you want to play this game, it matters not whether it’s for gambling or entertainment. But without prior experience, you might not understand how to start.

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In this guide, you’ll learn how to gamble with dice in various games. Read on and learn some gambling dice games:

1. Craps

One of the oldest dice games and arguably one of the most popular American household dice games with gambling, it became popular when Big Town featured the game. It’s easy to get into since any number of players can take part in a game. Anyone can cast a matching dice pair as a shooter, hoping to get a victory combination.

Don’t mix this game with bank craps since it’s a different casino game. The game starts when a shooter puts a bet while others do the same that match their stake. If the others’ stake doesn’t match the shooter’s, the latter must withdraw.

If the shooter wins, they continue to shoot and bet their desired amount. Otherwise, losing or giving up means the others can double their bet amount. Another part of the betting process is to bet between other players on the possibility of the shooter either winning or losing in each throw.

If the shooter throws 7 or 11 during the first throw will win the game. If their first roll is 2,3, or 12, they lose. The house will settle the bets, and if the shooter rolls anywhere between 4 and 10, they gain points and continues to roll as the game progresses.

But if the shooter plays a 7, they give up their dice and bet. Losing or giving up the game means the dice goes to the player on their left.

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2. Crapless Craps

This is a variation of the abovementioned dice game. Rolling 2, 3, and 12 in normal craps means an immediate loss for the shooter. But in crapless craps, these numbers become point numbers, and 11 doesn’t become an immediate win.

If you’re playing this in a casino, this sounds like a good reason to play. But in reality, the house edge in this game is greater than that in normal craps. That’s why it’s better to play this game when you’re at home with your loved ones.

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3. Die Rich

Another craps variant, Die Rich stands out since it only needs one six-sided die. Some people feel like it takes away some of the game’s fun, but people still play it. In this game, if you roll a 6 on the come-out roll, the pass line bet will win.

Rolling a 1 means the pass line bet will lose. Other numbers are the point numbers. If you’re the shooter, you only have three chances to roll the point, and if you fail, the pass line bet will lose.

4. Sic Bo (Grand Hazard)

This dice game has many other names, but its origin was Grand Hazard. The Chinese call it Sic Bo, which meant “dice bowl” since the bowl has the three dice needed for rolling. These dice pieces come with a string of leaning surfaces where they tumble.

This layout sets apart Sic Bo and Chuck-a-Luck from each other. The latter features a more complicated layout that allows people to bet on odds or evens, triples or raffles, and highs and lows.

It has an aggregate of numbers that range from four to seventeen on the dice. The good part about casino dice games like Sic Bo is the varying chances of the house edge. That means betting on a specific number will largely.

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These possibilities can take an entire guide to discuss, but here are some bet examples:

Betting Big or Small

These bets will pay off at even money, meaning a big bet wins when the total of the three dice is within 11-17. Otherwise, it loses if it’s less than 11 or at an 18. A small bet will win if the three dice total is 4-10 while losing on 3 or 11+.

These bets will give the house an edge of 2.78%.

Betting Odd or Even

This is an even-money bet that gets you paid if the total is odd or even. The bet will only lose when rolling triples like three 2s. Equate these numbers to six, but you still lose regardless.

Betting odd or even gives the house an edge of 2.78% too. The reason is because of the bets that would normally win if the triple exception didn’t get included.

Betting on a Specific Triple

It’s similar to when you bet on one number at a roulette table. The difference is that the odds are longer. For example, you can bet three 6s, and the odds of winning it are 215:1, with a lesser payoff.

In most casinos, the payoff is 180:1, but it’s 150:1 in Macau. Betting this way gives the house a higher edge, even with the better payout mechanic. It’s over 16%, making it risky.

Betting on Specific Totals

If you bet on a specific total, the payout varies since some can turn up more than others. For example, one of the likeliest outcomes is 10, so its payout is 6:1. Its winning odds are7:1 while a 17 has 71:1 with a payout of 71:1.

The most intelligent way to play Sic Bo is to bet using the first two strategies. It has the lowest house edge, but it’s high since the game has fast pacing.

Learn How to Gamble With Dice Today!

These are some ways how to gamble with dice. The games are simple to learn, so play it with your friends before moving on to casinos.

Now you know gambling with dice works. But why stop here when we’ve got more gaming advice and tips? Feel free to read our other posts and discover more tips and tricks now!

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