How To Add Products To Shopify Store: Individually & Collection Ads Format

How To Add Products To Shopify Store: Individually & Collection Ads Format

Are you pondering upon the idea of taking your business on the online road? If not, then you must consider it as in this digital era, you can’t miss out on the extravaganza bright side of e-commerce platforms. Shopify pops up instantly in the mind as it is one among the key e-commerce platforms. If your business isn’t on Shopify, then better late than never, you can go for it now. But do you know how to add products to Shopify? Let’s talk about that.


Displaying your products over a Shopify store is a walk in the park. And if you use collection ads, it further escalates the chances of boosting your sales on this platform.


How To Add Products To Shopify:- One At A Time

Setting up a Shopify store calls for listing your products over it foremostly. Follow the under-stated steps to add products to your Shopify store.


  • To start with, you need to log in to your Shopify account using your credentials.


  • On your Shopify admin page, scroll over to the ‘Products’ option on the left.


  • Then click on the ‘Add Products’ option.


  • On the new dashboard, you’ll see different sections. We’ll discuss them bit by bit.


How To Add Products To Shopify Store: Individually & Collection Ads Format
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  • First and foremost, the Product Title has to be provided. It must be enticing, short, yet descriptive of the product. For instance, “6300 Sq.Ft. Commercial Office Space in Florida” can be a quintessential title for showcasing a property if the real estate industry happens to be your niche.


  • Then, the next part is constructing a Description of the product you want to sell. The description has to be brief, enlisting all the attributes of the particular product, and you can also format it for headings, fonts, insert pointers or number lists, etc. Specifying your product’s Unique Selling propositions (USPs) here can get the best of both worlds for you.


  • Then comes the Media section, where you can upload image/s and video/s of your product simply by clicking on the ‘Add File’ option or by pasting its URL. Now select and open the image file so as to add it here. Click on the image to provide alt-text so as to make it crawlable for the search engines.
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NOTE: You have to be considerate of a file size while uploading a media file as Shopify doesn’t allow extending it beyond the prescribed limit. If file size obstructs your path and you cannot apply your knowledge on how to add products on Shopify practically, image compression tools are worth giving a shot.   


  • Once done, it’s time to mention your product price in the ‘Price box.’ Now, whenever you put your products on sale on Shopify, you will have to provide a ‘Compare Price’ for the same; it is similar to that of “Pay $600 $500.” If the commodity you are about to put on the online shelf attracts any tax levy, then check/tick the box aside ‘Charge Tax On This Product.’ Getting automated profit analytics and reports is one among a plethora of benefits of learning how to add products on Shopify.


  • The next section is regarding Inventory details, wherein you can set product barcodes and also get assistance in tracking the inventory or taking orders even in times when your Shopify store is out of stock.


  • Let’s say you deal in merchandise or movable products across national borders, for instance, clothes, furniture, spare parts, etc.; you can enter the location and HS Code for the same in the ‘Shipping and Customs Information’ section.


How To Add Products To Shopify Store: Individually & Collection Ads Format
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  • If your product is available in more than one variation in terms of color, size or quantity, material, etc., then tick/check the box under the ‘Options’ section.


  • Lastly, you’ll see the ‘Search Engine Listing Preview’ section. Proceed by clicking on the ‘Edit Website SEO,’ and add a Page Title, Meta Description (both within the given word limit), and the URL for your product. This is an imperative SEO technique.


  • Click on the ‘Save’ option at the top-right corner. This option will activate every time you’ll make any alterations to any of the above-stated specifications or parameters.


The above format is suited for displaying single products. If you want to try out displaying ads in a collection format that proffers another way round tactic, let’s see what it is.


How To Add Products To Shopify:- Collection Ads

You can put collection ads on display over Shopify. There are 2 types of collection ads that you can run or display on Shopify:- Manual & Automated.

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  • On your Shopify admin dashboard, click on ‘Products.’


  • Go to ‘Collections’ and select the ‘Create Collections’ option.


  • You’ll see a new dashboard that will resemble the format somewhat similar to the one you came across while learning how to add products to Shopify.


How To Add Products To Shopify Store: Individually & Collection Ads Format
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  • Firstly, select ‘Manual’ in the ‘Collection Type’ section to set out the parameters yourself. Or else, you can also select ‘Automated,’ and you’ll need to specify the conditions so that the platform’s automated mechanism can handle it as per your interest. You can learn about the conditions of Shopify’s automated collection.


  • Now, scroll upwards a little and provide a collection title (you can take cues from the given text on the site itself).


  • Explain a little about your collection in the ‘Paragraph’ section.


  • Then just below that, in the ‘Search Products’ box, search for the products that you wish to add to your collection, select it and click on ‘Add.’ Similarly, add other products to the collection.


  • In the ‘Sort’ box, you can organize your products as per your preferred criteria.


  • Then comes the ‘Search Engine Listing’ section. And you can edit it as we discussed earlier while learning how to add products to Shopify.


  • On the right, click on the ‘Add Image’ option under ‘Collection Image.’ Now select and open the image file so as to add it here. It’s worth mentioning here that if you don’t add an image to your collection here, Shopify will pick the image of the very first product that you added to your collection.


  • If you are a newbie on Shopify, then your collection availability would be ‘Online Store.’


  • All set! Now click on the ‘Save’ option.


  • Click on the ‘View’ option opposite to your collection name at the top.


Shopify is an avant-garde e-commerce platform for generating sales. You can also learn about Magento VS Shopify.

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