High Refresh Rate Monitor: Types and Specifications

High Refresh Rate Monitor

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Computers are designed to reduce the workload on humans. They have been serving its purpose from the time of its inception. The evolution of desktops with the help of technological advancements has reached new highs with a high refresh rate monitor. Regardless of the desktop or the configuration of the system that is used, the monitors with high refresh rate deliver a different kind of satisfaction to the users. It is due to the high refresh rate that the users get one of the best visual treats. The higher the refresh rate, the better is the experience for the users. Here are some of the trending high refresh rate monitor and their variants.

High Refresh Rate Monitor below $500

Samsung 27-Inch CRG5 240Hz Curved Gaming Monitor (LC27RG50FQNXZA) – Computer Monitor, 1920 x 1080p Resolution, 4ms Response Time, G-Sync Compatible, HDMI, Black

Samsung has consistently performed in the market and delivered some of the great devices through technological advancements. These devices consist of smartphones, monitors, tablets, etc. The Samsung 27-Inch CRG5 240Hz Curved Gaming Monitor is a 240hz monitor comprised of multiple other features. Firstly, it is a Full HD monitor with 1920 x 1080p resolution. Secondly, the device has a four milli second response time, which makes it extremely fast. Thirdly, it is G-SYNC compatible as well and is priced at $379.99 only. The monitor is a perfect option for gamers and is developed to provide the ultimate gaming experience.

ViewSonic XG2530 25 Inch 1080p 240Hz 1ms Gaming Monitor with FreeSync Premium Eye Care Advanced Ergonomics HDMI and DP for Esports

Although the product is not available in most parts of the world, anyone can acquire it through online retailers. The ViewSonic XG2530 is a gaming monitor. It is integrated with a 240hz monitor refresh rate for gaming only. Gamers usually prefer monitor with a high refresh rate because it effectively enhances the gaming experience. Along with this, the device is packed with FreeSync premium eye care advanced ergonomics that takes care of the user’s eyes. Generally, long hours of working or gaming creates a negative impact on the eyes. The company has taken care of this issue and availed the product in the market at $349.99 only.

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MSI Non-Glare with Narrow Bezel 240Hz 1ms Height Adjustment 1500R Curvature AMD FreeSync HDMI/DP/USB HDR Ready 1920 x 1080 FHD 27” Gaming Monitor (Optix MAG272CRX), Black

The 27 inches MSI 240hz monitor is the company one of the best products available in the market. The thin bezel around the monitor gives an elegant look, and the high refresh rate gives a brilliant user experience. It is a Full HD device with a curved gaming display feature. This feature adds to the gaming experience of the user. Additionally, it also comes with the anti-glare feature, which is very important for all monitors. This feature allows users to protect their eyes. The device is priced at $349.99, which is below the $500 mark.

Acer Nitro XV273 Xbmiiprzx 27″ Full HD (1920 x 1080) IPS AMD Radeon FreeSync & G-SYNC Compatible Gaming Monitor,240Hz,VESA Certified DisplayHDR400,Up to 0.1ms Response Time

Acer is known as one of the popular computer developing companies. The company is famous for the quality and the durability of the devices it manufactures. The Acer Nitro series is one of the best 240hz high refresh rate monitor in the market. It can be used for professional, personal as well as gaming purposes. Additionally, the monitor has a 0.1 milli second response time, which makes it unique from others. It is due to the Full HD display, the G-SYNC, and the AMD Radeon Free Sync features that the monitor is priced at $499 only. Being a heavily equipped monitor, it is priced aggressively below $500 for keeping the competition high in the global market.

Dell Alienware 25 inch (63.5cm) Full HD Gaming Monitor with HDMI and DP Ports, IPS Panel, 240Hz, 1ms, AMD Free Sync, Tilt, Swivel, Height-Adjustable- AW2518Hf (Black)

This monitor, manufactured by Dell, is a masterpiece due to the system and configuration. The device is a part of the famous Alienware technology of Dell. It has a refresh rate of 240hz and is a great gaming monitor with Full HD. The monitor is height adjustable and provides the best user experience due to the high refresh rate and Dell’s other features. The device gives a better experience when compared to the 144hz and the 120hz gaming monitor. This monitor is available at Dell store as well as online stores and is priced reasonably too.

120hz 240hz High Refresh Rate Monitor

The need for a reasonable monitor refresh rate for gaming has been a concern for many companies functioning in this market segment. In the recent past, some companies have developed monitors with refresh rate ranging from 120hz to 240hz. Here is a list of some of the monitors that are above 120hz and below 240hz.

LG Ultragear 27-inch IPS FHD, G-Sync Compatible, HDR 10, Gaming Monitor with Display Port, HDMI x 2, Height Adjust & Pivot Stand, 144Hz, 1ms – 27GL650F (Black)

The 120hz gaming monitor is not compatible with a lot of games that have been developed in recent times. It is due to this that the monitor manufacturing companies have developed monitors of higher refresh rate. The LG Ultragear is a Full HD 144hz monitor that can deliver a satisfying gaming experience and be used for professional purposes. It has an IPS LCD screen and is compatible with G-Sync. The device also comprises of HDMI 10 and 1 milli second response rate.

Acer KG241QP 23.6″ 1 MS 144 Hz Gaming Monitor – 300nits – 2xHDMI 1xDisplayport – AMD Free Sync – KG241QP (Black)

This is a smaller sized monitor developed by Acer, but the device can provide some brilliant gaming experience. The need for a high refresh rate monitor is to satisfy the visual experience. The smooth transition from one picture to another is a satisfying treat for the eyes. Usually, gamers hate when the screen freezes, and it is due to this reason that Acer developed this 144hz gaming monitor. The device comes with the AMD FreeSync feature and is priced at $163.99 only. There are some other variants of this model as well that has

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BenQ Zowie XL2411P 24-inch (60.96 cm) 144Hz FHD (1080p) Gaming Monitor for Esports – M353299

The BenQ Zowie XL2411P 24 inch monitor with Full HD display and 144hz refresh rate is a mid-range gaming monitor. The gaming monitor is designed explicitly for games developed by Esports. The gaming experience on this monitor is quite good. However, it is not as good as the 480hz monitor or the 240hz gaming monitors. The display is quite good, with a screen response time of 5 milli seconds. In this aspect, the response time is relatively slow because of the lower range refresh rate. Apart from this, the monitor is appropriate for gaming purposes and durable as well. The device is priced at $250.00 only.

MSI Optix G241-24 inch IPS Gaming Monitor – Full HD – 144hz Refresh Rate – 1ms Response time – AMD FreeSync for Esports

MSI is known for its impressive and technologically advanced gaming devices. The company has a massive range of gaming devices and other equipment. Among the top 10 companies that manufacture gaming devices, MSI is listed at number 6. The MSI Optix G241-24 inch IPS Gaming Monitor is a Full HD IPS LCD monitor. It has a high refresh rate of 144hz with a response time of 1 milli second. These features make the monitor relatively fast and reliable. As per the requirements of the gamers, the monitor is adequately equipped with the necessary features. Compared to 480hz gaming monitors or the 240hz gaming monitors, it is relatively weak, but it is much better than the 120hz gaming monitor.

240hz Monitor for Gaming and Personal Use

BenQ Zowie XL2546 24.5-inch 240Hz FHD (1080p) Gaming Monitor for Esports, 1ms Response Time, Dynamic Accuracy (DyAC), Color Vibrance, Black Equalizer, Shield, S-Switch, Height Adjustable Stand

This is the ultimate treat for gamers around the world. The BenQ Zowie XL2546 24.5-inch 240Hz monitor for gaming is loaded with a variety of features. First of all, the device has one milli second of response time, making the monitor extremely fast and smooth. Secondly, the device has Dynamic Accuracy that boosts the device’s speed for delivering an ultimate gaming experience. Thirdly, it has the color vibrance feature that amplifies all the colors and delivers a colorful display. Apart from these, it has an adjustable height stand, black equalizer, S-Switch, and shield that protects the eyes from glare. This complete package is available at $444.99 only.

LG Ultragear 27″ 240Hz, 1ms, G-Sync Compatible, HDR 10, IPS Display Gaming Monitor, Height Adjust, Pivot Stand, Display Port, HDMI Port – 27GN750

The 2. LG Ultragear, 27 inches 240Hz, is available at online stores at a reasonable price of $379.49 only. The device is loaded with additional features, and these features make it a unique device that is presently giving tough competition to the other players in the market. In the category of high refresh rate monitor, this device has made its position in the top 10 devices of a 240hz refresh rate. It has a one milli second response rate, G-SYNC, HDR 10, IPS LCD display, etc. All these features make the device extraordinarily compatible and durable. The device has great potential for delivering a fantastic gaming experience.

Acer 27 Inch 240 Hz 1 MS FHD Gaming Monitor I TN Panel I 400 NITS I ZeroFrame I 2 X HDMI, Display Port I 2W X 2 Speakers I (KG271B)

This product, manufactured by Acer, is designed to deliver a great gaming experience to the users. The monitor has thin bezels, which makes the display look more prominent, and the FHD feature marks out all the detailing on the screen. The 240hz refresh rate is a great plus point of the product, and the one milli second response time contributes equally to an incredible visual experience. The monitor comes with in-built speakers, which makes the design of the device look highly attractive. The device is priced at $310.50 only, which is quite reasonable compared to other devices with similar features.

Samsung 27 inch (68.6 cm) 240 Hz, G-Sync Compatible, Bezel-Less Curved Gaming Monitor (Dark Blue Gray) (2020 Model) – Computer Monitor, 1920 x 1080p Resolution, HDMI – LC27RG50FQWXXL

Samsung has created a lasting impression on the market with the curved screen display monitors. The devices look so classy and technologically advanced that the users generally opt for the design rather than the features. However, Samsung has also managed to pack the device with some fantastic features. Samsung mostly manufactures technologically advanced with monitor refresh rate for gaming. In this aspect, the refresh rate remains mostly at 240hz. The lower range monitors have a 144hz refresh rate. Moreover, the bezel-less curved, Full HD display is priced at $325.00 only.

Asus ROG Strix 23.8-inch Full HD 1080p 1ms 240Hz DP HDMI Eye Care Esports Gaming Monitor – XG248Q (Black)

Asus has penetrated the gaming market within a short time and created a lasting impression with the Republic of Gamers or ROG series. The products developed by the company are fully equipped with lots of features. The products are sturdy and durable when compared to other products. The Asus ROG Strix 23.8-inch Full HD 1080p is a power-packed device with a one milli second response time and refresh rate of 240hz. As it is a gaming monitor, the product also comes with eye care support. This product is available online as well as offline market. It is priced at $560.00 only.

Apart from these, there are several other monitors, but these are the trending monitors. Moreover, it is expected that there will be a surge n the 480hz monitor within the next couple of years, depending on the technological advancements and market demand.

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