George Clooney Net Worth in 2019 ($500 million)

George Clooney

George Timothy Clooney, a multi-talented personality, widely regarded for his acting and wisdom. Although, he is not only an actor but also a screenwriter, a director, a producer and an independent filmmaker. With his outstanding performance on screens, Clooney nominated several times for awards and won two Academy Awards and three Golden Globe awards till date. But doesn’t it seem awkward when you know that he has been off the screens since 2016 despite earning $20 million from a single movie? Hold on; it’s not over! Come and explore how George Clooney’s net worth reached $500 billion marks without being in screens for almost the last three years!

The birth of a star

On 6th May 1961 in the state of Kentucky, the renowned Clooney family welcomed a child named, George on this Earth whom one day would become the most famous of their family. Nick, the father of George Clooney, was a news anchor and a famous television personality. Rosemary, his aunt, was an actress as well as a well-known singer. During his childhood, the Clooney family moved across the states of Ohio and Kentucky. Therefore, from his very early life, George was very accustomed to adapt to different neighborhoods. Despite being very famous, the Clooney family members always led a modest life. His father though being very busy making sure that he spent quality time with his children. George and his sister Ada discussed the current event with their newsreader father at the dinner table. Thus, the inquisitive and liberal mind of George Clooney developed in childhood.

Early life’s threat

Considering the lineage of his family, it is not surprising that Clooney debuted on television at the age of five. He played sketch characters on the local talk shows hosted by his father. However, not all his hunky-dory in Clooney’s life. He developed Bell’s palsy during his middle school years. This disease results in partial facial paralysis. The good news is Clooney’s determination helped him win over the disease.

The acting Career that gave Clooney a fame

In his early life of career Clooney even didn’t bother to sell ladies shoes. He got his television debut in series “Centennial” (1978). With this type of small TV series, he spent almost 10 years of his entire career and earned as per his efforts. In 1994, he got a chance in a Drama series, “ER” where he successfully acted for five years and got a chance to better introduction with the audience, and this also contributed to Clooney” net worth. Clooney first received a leading role in the movie “Batman & Robin” (1997). Although, the movie was a total failure. Even Clooney himself accepted the failure of the film. Still, he didn’t give up. In the very next year, he acted successfully in the movie “Out of Sight” (1998). In this way, his hard work and dedication helped him to get success.

And at last his true effort brought the success that he dreamt. The movie “Ocean’s Eleven” (2001) came up. He got name, fame and a lot of money.

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Clooney’s Direction

Clooney made his direction debut in the movie “Confessions of a dangerous mind” (2002). And this way he directed in “Leatherheads” (2007), “The Ides of March” (2011), “Suburbicon” (2016) and so on. Latest in 2019, Clooney released a mini-series namely “Catch 22 on Hulu”. Still, Clooney working hard to increase his net worth by doing mini-series. If we want to explore the weightage of Clooney’s net worth, then we need to dive deep to all of his all work. So, let’s have a look.

Earnings from acting

Clooney’s appearance in 19 episodes of “Sister” made him earn $40,000 for each. That’s mean his total earnings from “Sister” turned out to $760.000. Another Drama series “ER” made him earn $100,000 for each episode. He never asked for the hikes during episodes of the drama series like “ER” rather always concentrated on better screen performance. It resulted in a stable regular earning for him. The drama series “ER” earned him around 11 million dollars in total. Apart from these, the movie “One Fine Day” (1996) earned him 3 million dollars. The movies, including “Batman”, “Out of Sight”, “The Perfect Storm”, “Intolerable Cruelty”, “Ocean’s Thirteen” added almost 58 million dollars more to his account. He earned 20 million dollars, his career’s highest income in “Ocean’s Eleven”. George Clooney has received almost 200 million dollars from movies and drama series in total.

Ads can add to fortune

George Clooney starred in a series of advertisements for the famous brand Nespresso since 2013. While he made millions from his adds, you will be surprised to learn that he always spent a percentage of each pay-cheque to invest in a spy satellite that roams over Sudan 24*7. The spy satellite lets him monitor the dictator of Sudan, Omar Al Bashir. Omar Al Bashir is a suspected criminal of several hate crimes. The spy satellite not only keeps an eye on Bashir, but it also follows his army so that any possible human rights violation and notorious movement could be anticipated.

Rich people live in luxurious abodes

George and his partner Amal have real estate across the globe. Probably, the most renowned property of Clooney is a breath-taking villa at lake Como in Italy. Clooney bought this 15 massive 15-bedroom villa in 2002. He paid a whopping 30 million dollars to acquire this villa. Besides this, the couple owns a six-bedroom manor in California which was purchased by Clooney way back in 1995 for a mere 2.2 million dollars. Back then, he was a household name due to his appearance in the ER. As of 2019, this mansion is worth approximately 10 million dollars. The couple also owns an apartment in New York City as well as a $7 million worth of real estate in England. If you calculate all this together, the real estate portfolio of George and Amal Clooney will provide surplus 100 million dollars mark.

A hobby can make you rich

Who does not like to taste good quality alcohol? Well. In the case of George Clooney, he has a passion for Tequila. So, in 2013, George Clooney and his friends Michael Meldman and Rande Gerber established a brand named, Casamigos Tequila. You may remember Gerber as the husband of Sindi Crawford, the legendary supermodel.

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On the other hand, Meldman is a real estate mogul. The three partners actually launch this brand as a private level only. Their sole intention was to distribute the custom-made Tequila among family and friends. The brand became so popular within the coveted small circle of family and friends that alcohol behemoth Diageo approached them in 2017 to acquire Casamigos Tequila. George Clooney and his two partners agreed to sell the brand for 1 billion dollars. The payments were distributed in two parts – $700 million in cash and $300 million in bonus. However, this $300 million bonus is dependent on the future performance of Casamigos Tequila. Considering that there were three partners, and each received an equal share of the money, George Clooney’s pre-tax income from this deal should be approximately 230 million dollars. Therefore, even after paying taxes, Clooney must have deposited 150 million dollars in his account.

Progress to the pinnacle of fortune

1993: 500 thousand USD

1995: 3 million USD

2000: 10 million USD

2005: 50 million USD

2007: 70 million USD

2012: 100 million USD

2015: 200 million USD

2019: 500 million USD

The awards own by George Clooney

1.  Academy Awards

2005 – Syriana (Awarded for Best Supporting Actor)

2012 – Argo (Awarded for Best Picture)

2.  British Academy Film Awards

2012 – Argo (Awarded for Best Picture)

3.  Golden Globe Awards

2000 – O Brother, Where Art Thou? (Awarded for Best Actor in a Motion Picture – Musical or Comedy)

2005 – Syriana (Awarded for Best Supporting Actor – Motion Picture)

2011 – The Descendants (Awarded for Best Actor in a Motion Picture – Drama)

2012 – Argo (Best Motion Picture – Drama)

4.  MTV Movie & TV Awards

1996 – From Dusk till Dawn (Awarded for Best Breakthrough Performance)

5.  Satellite Awards

2005 – Good Night, and Good Luck (Awarded for Best Original Screenplay -Motion Picture)

6.  Saturn Awards

1995 – From Dusk till Dawn (Awarded for Best Film Lead Actor)

7.  Screen Actors Guild Awards

1995 – ER (Awarded for Outstanding Performance by an Ensemble in a Drama Series)

1996 – ER (Awarded for Outstanding Performance by an Ensemble in a Drama Series)

1997 – ER (Awarded for Outstanding Performance by an Ensemble in a Drama Series)

1998 – ER (Awarded for Outstanding Performance by an Ensemble in a Drama Series)

8.  Miscellaneous

1997 – From Dusk till Dawn (Fangoria Chainsaw Award for Best Actor)

2007 – Ocean’s Thirteen (Teen Choice Award for Choice Movie Chemistry)

2008 – Ocean’s Thirteen (People’s Choice Award for Favourite on Screen Match-Up)

2009 – Fantastic Mr Fox (NYFCC Award for Best Actor)

2009 – Up in the Air (COFCA Award for Best Actor)

2009 – The Men Who Stare at Goats (COFCA Award for Actor of the Year)

2009 – Up in the Air (COFCA Award for Actor of the Year)

2009 – Fantastic Mr Fox (COFCA Award for Actor of the Year)


George Clooney’s success story is not so simple. Clooney is not just a professionally successful person; rather, he is much happy in his personal life as well. He has a wonderful and loving wife, two beautiful tweens. Despite being away from the screen since 2016, Clooney is still a household name and a bankable actor of this generation. From winning several awards to being hailed as the “sexiest man alive” twice. He achieves everything that any actor can dream of. His charming and suave personality has left and everlasting impression on the minds of the audience across the globe. Whenever he may return on the big screen, it is safe to say that fans will welcome him with a smile on their face and consequently make him far richer by flocking to the theatres to watch his movies.

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