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fallout shelter tips

Video games are one of the best ways through which we can escape out boring lifestyle. There are times when we get bored with a routine, and the only place we can easily escape through it is by playing games. Games have evolved, and now people are playing them not to pass the time or avoid boredom but as a career. Video games have become one form of employment where gamers compete for an individual trophy or a sure reward. Fallout Shelter tips

Fallout Shelter is one of the best free to play games which you can play and have one of the best experiences ever. The game has one of the best gameplays, which revolves around a player that has to create his/her vault, and then he will, in turn, become an overseer of the inhabitants that come there. This is an exciting game, and it can be a little tricky and challenging, so you need to be very keen on how you play it.

 Fallout Shelter needs some preparations and cheats or tricks to ensure you navigate through the game easily. Controlling the vaults can be challenging, and that is why we are here to help you solve some quickly. In this article, we will look at some of the best Fallout Shelter tips that you can use to have one of the best gameplays ever.


One of the best Fallout Shelter tips I highly recommend to use is to plan. Planning is paramount, and it can ensure that you can do a lot of things, even with the little resources you have. This game is all out rooms or vaults, and at first, you may not have them, but that does not mean you should stay that way. You always need to ensure that you even plan beforehand where individual rooms will be and where floors will also be.

 This is one great strategy which if correctly employed, can ensure you have one of the best success in the game. At first, you might not have the money that is the in-game currency, which is why you will need to plan ahead. You can build elevators on floor zero and floor one, which will ease the movement. You will also need to plan where you will be putting your power plant and water treatment area. Plan accurately, and there are many tips for planning that you can get online, which you can use for more effortless movement. But planning is one of the best Fallout Shelter tips which can save you a lot in the long run.


Knowing your dwellers is one of the other best Fallout Shelter tips that you need to keep in mind. Dwellers are so crucial in this game, and the main reason is they have a different skill set which you can employ to your advantage. The dwellers’ skills are divided into a rubric called SPECIAL: Strength, Perception, Endurance, Charisma, and Intelligence. Every dweller has a gift that can be of great advantage to you, and it’s your job to ensure you get them and train them to perfect their skills. 

Those with Strength are often the best skills when it comes to power plants. The ones with perception are great when it comes to water plants. The other ones with endurance work best when it comes to exploration and many more other skills you can train your dwellers and take advantage of them. You should know your dwellers very well and even how they feel as this contributes significantly to how they work.



When you have equipped your dwellers with excellent skills, it is now time to provide them with even high-level clothes. This is one of the Fallout Shelter tips that many gamers have not been using much. Fancy clothing on dwellers can ensure that they have even more special skills apart from the ones that they are born with. 

Fancy clothes can often be found on Lunchboxes or even exploring areas of the Wasteland. You can equip your dweller with a particular fancy outfit, and this can, in turn, increase his/her skill. 


One thing that you will note min Fallout Shelter has new dwellers around is one of the rare commodities. So, what do you do when in need of new ones? The best Fallout Shelter tips to this are to ensure that you encourage a population within the dwellers that you have. 

If you happen to be having dwellers with the best skills, then chances are you will have a healthier generation if they breed. You should also note the game does not allow dwellers to make children between a parent and a child, which is why you need to keep rotating and adding more men.


There are so many Fallout Shelter tips that I will recommend here, but always going out for lunchboxes is one of the information I highly recommend you use. A decent supply is so vital as this will ensure that you can accomplish several goals like equipping dwellers with weapons or outfits. 

 There are objectives which, in turn, reward you with lunchboxes, and these are the best objectives which I will recommend you take. Having more of this means you will be on the right path as you won’t be running out of food anytime soon. You will focus on the game more than having to buy food to sustain your dwellers, which is why this is one of the best Fallout Shelter tips to keep in mind.


Most players often end up losing track of the dwellers that are in their vaults, and this can end up costing them. Lockers can keep on growing, which means that there are more dwellers and, therefore, a hard time being able to track them. One of the Fallout Shelter tips that not many people know is the dweller’s list, which they can use to follow all the dwellers in their vaults with ease. At the top left, there is a cog that will reveal the dweller’s list when clicked. This list is excellent, and it makes a lot of things smooth and easy to check. 

For example, checking for the health and even skills level of your dwellers here is pretty straightforward. I love using this list, and that is why it ends in here as one of the Fallout Shelter tips to have as you can also be able to ensure that all your dwellers remain active. Dwellers can often be on a coffee break, and you might not notice, and this is because they have not been assigned a room, which is why you need this tip and uses it to your advantage.


We all know how things are so correlated here in the Fallout Shelter game, which is why you need to be careful. It’s vital that you always plan concerning each room and add a new place. Most gamers I have seen them make this mistake of adding rooms all because they have unlocked them.

 You need to keep in mind that any room that you add consumes a lot of electricity, and if you don’t have enough electric capacity, you will run into issues. This is one excellent Fallout Shelter tips to have because even having extra rooms with fewer dwellers is a waste.

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 Endurance is one of the best health stats that you will need to have by your side. This is the stat that contributes a lot to the dweller’s health even though it is not linked to any room that produces resources. There are many incidents that happen in vaults like when Deathclaw comes. 

Exploring and even quests are great when you have endurance. This stat can ensure that your dweller is able to survive when they quickly encounter surprise attacks. The Fallout Shelter tips here are to provide you train your dwellers endurance a lot to be able to sustain attacks.


One of the best Fallout Shelter tips that I can give you is the fact that you need to equip the dwellers working on the top-level vaults with the best guns. The best guns that you find from Wasteland or Lunchboxes should be used here effectively, which will make it easier to take down the guards.

 Raiders will be attacking your vaults, and if you happen to be having weak dwellers on guards on duty, they can be taken down quickly. If you happen to have equipped top-level dwellers, then it is straightforward to take down the raiders. 


You should always remember that dwellers who are not working are just eating up all your food and water, and that is a waste. Keeping the vault dwellers busy is one of the best Fallout Shelter tips you can use all the time. This means that no resources are going to waste, and you should sort them out to see what jobs they are on. Dwellers should not be on coffee breaks as this is like unemployment. When dwellers are working or training, you will find out that they are happier, and thus you need to ensure everyone is fully employed. 


Wasteland is one of the most dangerous places to go, but it’s worth exploring that area. One thing that I know is this is one place where you will be able to find some of the unique items and even CAPS. This area is worth the experience for any dweller that goes there. It’s essential you ensure that dwellers with high-level stats like endurance are able to visit that area as they are likely to survive a lot.

 The reason this is among the best Fallout Shelter tips is you have the chance to collect a lot of great gems from there. There is an excellent adventure log that the dwellers will write, and these are exciting things that you can follow along. 


Playing this game can be exciting, and at times it’s so easy to get distracted from your objectives. Each vault has its aim, and this involves around three goals which you will need to accomplish. If you cannot be able to achieve a goal, you can tap on X every 24 hours. When you are able to complete these objectives, you will get rewards like extra CAPS or even Lunchboxes, which are excellent bonuses.


Now and then, while playing this game, you will hear some strange sounds or even your phone vibrating. This is a sign that there is a mysterious stranger that is in your vault, and this stranger has some great things they can offer you. 

The character can often appear and disappear almost immediately, and you will note he usually wears a trench coat and a hat. The tip here is to ensure that you tap on him before he disappears in order to earn some points. You can earn points ranging from 60 CAPS to even thousand, which can be excellent for acquiring resources.


We have highlighted some of the best Fallout Shelter tips which you can use to your advantage and win the game easily. This is an exciting game, and having some cheats can ensure that you have one of the greatest plays that you can imagine.


 Why are dwellers not happy?

Dwellers are not happy if they don’t do a job or they happen to be doing a job that they are not that good at.

Where do you get dwellers?

Dweller can be found at Radio Studio, which requires you to unlock them with 20 dwellers or get them from Wasteland.



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